Career, Sex, Marriage and Reproduction

Several days ago, I stumbled upon this article on – Margaret Thatcher and the Plague of Fake Female Empowerment.

Then I dared on to read down the comments. Plenty of good and controversial insights about feminism, empowerment, fulfillment, family and career. Just to pick up some excerpts:

“I’ve never seen a tombstone say “Successful Business Man” or “Beloved Female Journalist” Most say “Loving Father”, “Devoted Mother”, “Cherished Wife” etc. What will yours say?”


“…I’m sorry to see you’re horrified to discover there are men who respect women who have children (since most do). I’m even sorrier to see you imply that women choosing to raise children aren’t making a worthy investment in their own fulfillment or their kids’ future but are instead simply ‘keeping to a social norm.’ Well, raising children IS the norm for women, since more women have them than do not, and this in spite of feminism. What of it?”


“Traditional roles might not be for every woman, but without someone filling them, society has no future. It is overlooked that men who behave traditionally towards their roles are not acting in some totally independent, self-fulfilling way, but are in fact serving family and society too. Feminist women – liberal or conservative – in their desire to prove their “independence” do exactly the opposite because their choices don’t complement anything else. The true plague of “fake female empowerment” is the juvenile assertion of a faux independence from traditional roles. Mrs. Thatcher was actually very feminine, kept her husband’s name and raised a family.”


“Great article–until that last airplane conversation, where you revealed your feminist inclinations. The trouble with the feminists is that they hate womanhood and hate themselves for being women. There is nothing to revile in the biological functions of motherhood and fatherhood. Without them, the human race disappears from the face of the earth very quickly.”

And from this last assertion one replies in all glory: “You obviously missed the point. The lady offered no judgement of any woman who chooses Motherhood, she merely decries the judgement of others who deem her life somehow incomplete because she chooses not to partake! To attempt to define a person by their “gender” is not only a waste of time, it’s a waste of fine minds…”

To which comes the finest answer: “Of course. Leave the breeding to the less ambitious and less high minded. Civilization thanks you.”

Now, ladies and gentlemen, here comes the POINT of being smart and breeding: what if the higher IQ folks cease of breeding? — further diminishing their gene pool and allowing the lower IQ breeders to gradually fulfill the entire social specter. What if you haven’t watched — oh my, oh my — this sad but so true movie? Watch Idiocracy now, or watch it once again! Maybe this film will slap the arrogant stupidity that shadows your dormant intellect.

One more point about killing feminist arrogance: undress yourself, do some nude posing, allow your man to post you naked on the net. All of this will improve your self-awareness as a woman. It will remind you that looking good and attractive is giving your hubby what he wants and needs from you: pleasure, warmth, confidence, joy.

Fulfilling your sexual duties will empower you more than a mere social or professional career. Sure, forget Margaret Thatcher and few other exceptions. We can’t all be prime ministers, leaders, kings and queens. Most of us will always make the constituency. This is yet another statement of the obvious.

Let’s talk about obscenity now. Is politics less obscene than pornography? Bailouts and budgeting gargantuan debt to cover lies and promises, is this compulsive perversion or not? How about the loads of murderous hatred in international politics?

If you think it over, comparing the evils, porn is the least of them. However, mainstream media portrays it as the first. The thief yelling out loud: “Look there! Not here. There! That way! There the scape goats you’re looking for. Go get ’em!”

Sure, promiscuous sex is bad, it harms your health. You shouldn’t engage in everything that you can see out there. But be what your God wanted you to be. Is there a problem for you being a woman and not a man? I don’t have that kind of issues. Beyond my career and my four kids, together with my hubby, getting naughty to please him, I feel empowered, fulfilled and plain happy. It turns out that being his bunny pleases me more than hauling a laptop, a smart phone and a title tag attached to my wheeled luggage through airports.

Look at my new, and old, business outfit, ain’t that lovely?

topless cougar bunny, sex in marriage, the greatest career

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