Sex as a Job?

This blog won’t fit with the modern world. What I wish is to peek at the real world and to make a point about what I consider that it takes to be a good wife.

In the old, a daughter was GIVEN by her father to a man who TOOK her to be his wife. The average husband enjoyed her services in bed, in the kitchen, in cleaning the house, birthing and raising his children until the age when boys were ripe to ride a horse and swirl a sword. Daughters followed the same simple pattern as their mom.

In exchange for her total dedication and submission to her husband, the wife enjoyed protection from outer (most likely hostile) society but she also had the privilege to administer (later to co-own) his assets. Being a wife is a social and economic contract. Sort of a job.

Some of those gals who didn’t make it in the wife-job had to enter the prostitution field. Instead of serving one man (the husband) in most possible ways (cooking, cleaning, managing, schooling, sex), they had to serve many men (clients, strangers) in one single way: sex. Like chefs cooked at restaurants, whores sexed in brothels. The sad storyline, as depicted in La traviata and several other masterpieces, is that romancing had no place in prostitution. Falling in love was not an option for keeping up with your sex job, or worse: finding feelings for a ‘client’ often turned out to be dangerous. Those gals lived in hell! If you consider hell as a loveless place, as I do.

Applied modern feminist concepts freed women from the old patterns. But did they liberate you from the job model? The soul of a woman needs nourishment, which is above all AFFECTION and LOVE. Where do you look for love and affection? At the corporate ladder? The government? Some NGO? The pimp?

In modern or ancient times, as a wife you get the best chances to nourish your soul with true loving and genuine affection. I say “the best chances” because exceptions are everywhere, only to harden the rule. If you agree with me that the wife-job is the most rewarding job out there then read further. And even if you don’t agree, keep reading for a different opinion.

Are all wives made equal? That would be true if all men were made equal, like equally equipped physically and mentally and financially. We all know that’s not the case.

Consider that your father gave you to a farmer. You would expect to learn about the secrets of harvesting, breeding animals, driving tractors, etc. Even if he won’t put you to that kind of work, you’re gonna live in a cloud of information about these topics. And gradually you’ll become an expert in agronomy.

Consider that your father gave you to a truck driver. When around, he will talk to you about the totally non-interesting monster wheelers, in a slang that you may find inappropriate or maybe offending, even if he didn’t mean it. Pray for him to be a hobby biker or else I dunno how you may get some wild dose of romancing to feed upon.

Consider that your father gave you to a funny man with an eye for photography. Among other nerdy or geeky activities, your man will want you to model for him. That will end up with you posing naked for him. It’s part of your wife-job, the way a farmer’s wife would drive a tractor or feed the cattle. It’s not as much about you as about your “employer.”

Even if you never thought of posing nude, even if the society taught you to relate immorality or promiscuity to this, you’re gonna end up doing it because of him. And for him! If that’s making him happy, sooner or later it will make you enjoy to pose nude. It’s part of your “job” like cooking, cleaning, schooling, etc. It’s you keeping him company, pleasing him. Do this with all your love and see how you can model his passion for you. Refuse him and get your marriage, hence your “job,” in a tail spin.

Do you like cooking every day? I, for one, don’t. But it’s my duty to keep them healthy fed with natural vitamins and non-canned preservative-free meals. Actually I like cooking not when I cook but when I see how they heartily clear everything off the table. They silently inform me that they like what I prepared. This is the purpose of food: to be eaten and enjoyed.

Did I like to pose nude? Not at the beginning. Afterwards I watched the pictures, listened to critics and compliments, adjusted for the next photo shooting. Took me years to fine tune, to deal with myself, to pose naturally and not stressed or embarrassed, to trade many affection-coins, before I could leap beyond the “job” concept in my head. Now I’m confident in front of the camera. For mainly two reasons: (1) because I grew to love this part of my wife-job and (2) because at my age it feels pretty good to pose nude, to think you’re still hot — in spite of what you can read in your ID, and this part is an excellent and motivating engine to stay healthy, natural and optimistic.

What I like is to swing between worlds not men. Mental swings give you new insights without the luggage of emotional emptiness and the undesired biological burdens. I wrote this blog post to answer a few questions that came to my mind after reading this article: “Making It In Porn.” Camille Crimson is an outstanding young gal, most inspiring for us wives working on the pleasing job front.

Then I read this article: “What You Must Know About Sexual Bonding.” Julie looks like the faithful and militant wife, fighting to keep sex where it belongs: inside marriage.

And how may I end such an explosive link mixture without a contri from my hubby. This third link I’m presenting here fits like a glove on the male esteem, or whatever you consider that belongs to the male. I find Lexiegh’s site a bit too men-oriented, but that’s her business for her hubby’s definitive pleasure. Gives you a thrill, for sure! Hubby asked me if “those are real?” What can I say…

Think I’m playing with hydrogen and oxygen around here. That usually gives a reaction. Boom… Just don’t shoot the pianist, please.

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