Booty Hardening, Nude in Snow?

What you’re supposed to do when the layer of surrounding snow is about half a meter high?; when schools force kids back home in the so-called snow-holidays?; when the housewife inside you runs and yells around the kitchen and the bathtub full of laundry — yes, the washing and drying room in the old adjacent house had a pipe jammed with frozen water one night. Minus 22 outside, minus 2 inside… This set me back two centuries ago and so I gotta hand wash six persons’ worth of laundry… while the Siberian wind stubbornly blows from the North — with a vengeance!

A post-evening news gossip tv show notified us about a novel and growing trend amongst (mostly young) exhibitionist ladies: posing naked in the snow. Well, if you’re from the mountains and accustomed to live half a year under banks of snow, then it’s no big deal taking your bare booty out for a walk with your wagging man behind the camera wooing at you. I really don’t know how far, and how long, you may experiment with hardening your body.

During primary and grade school I was trained, like all my colleagues, in a sports-oriented culture (the school had an athletic profile). This early education helped me afterwards to fight the sedentary temptations. In college I was an aerobic fan and never balked away from the mandatory military training (before ’89, Eastern Block female college students were forced into sort of  “soft” conscription system). Young and freshly married, sharing the basement of his parents’ home with crazy hubby, I remember walking barefooted on pavement blocks and showering on cold concrete. Yes, cold water showering! We pretended to be cool hardened rockers…

But then came the kids and we moved out of the basement. Hot water became the norm and softer living standards proved their countless blessings. Looking back, in perspective, from a granny-type vantage point, I can understand how thrilling it is to be young and to feel so good in your skin that you’ll find some pleasure when kissing the snow with your pussy. But I can’t stop a shiver up my spinal at that thought. When watching the aforementioned tv show — and seeing the images of naked young gals posing in the frost — I asked myself had I done the same (if hubby wanted) in our younger years?

The reason they do that, as the say goes, is to impress their boyfriends when sexting them. Makes sense. So I asked mine: “Would I impress you if posing naked in the snow?”

“Are you mad?” – he returned, really shocked – “It’s minus twenty out there!”

That’s what I have expected to hear. “Don’t worry, dear,” I replied, “just teasing you with a question. See the new trend they talk about.”

He told me that a man enjoys staring at the details of pointed nipples and prominent pores due to the goose skin effect. It makes our bodies more crisp and more appealing. Makes sense, I think. Probably I’d rather went for it during my early twenties (if I have had the mind of today) but now I won’t dare posing nude in snow (nor my hubby would allow me to) because the wise mental move at my age is to preserve what’s left of my body, not racking it in the minus — the way this brave gal did.

To keep the tune on outdoor naked posing in frosty February, posting here a couple pictures hubby took of me years ago. He showed them to a good pal and he was convinced that all I had on me was that black fur coat. Did I really walk outdoor naked and dropped my fur coat in front of the camera? Just teasing…

[flagallery gid=3 name=”Fur Coat Outdoor”]

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