Cup Sizing, Body Image and The Screwed Up Streets

Initially, I had no urge to pose nude and I took it like a duty, like part of my obligations to please my dear hubby. As a pleasing wife, you have to meet a lot of demands. And sex is the “prime directive,” to cite my better half. Like anything else, sex with the same person, in the same bed, possibly in the same position, at the same time?, day in day out, will eventually turn into a boring commonplace. This is the most dreaded enemy of monogamous sex in marriage: commonplace.

Here comes the true love test in your marriage: simple straight sex that you should not allow to convert into yet another trivial obligation, such as doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and mothering.

Oh yes, mothering! If you deprive yourself of feelings, before studying this phenomenon, then you’ll realize how consuming and stressing it is to raise, school, educate and prepare your children for life. But you can’t fathom all these unless you’re an abstract rationalizing freak. But above all you’re a mother and you love your kids beyond yourself, because they are part of you. From animal instinct to Christian conduit, mothering is the best thing that can happen to a woman.

But we’re not asexual beasts, the kind of Godzilla and co. We need men to make us mothers. And men need us to be part of their lives and bodies. Attracted to us, they nurture and protect the nest we build for our babies.

Some ladies would say that their men should love them for their inner soul, their character. Perfectly true, love works at the spiritual level. But marital love threads on sex, on carnal pleasure which makes you more than a “bodiless soul.” I want him to love me for “what I am and who I am.” He actually loves me more than that, considering that he did nothing to deserve such a marvelous present from God. When your hubby actually believes that you’re a divine gift then it’s time to put aside all your many worries. It’s also time to give yourself up to him and service well his sexual fantasies.

Men are big boys with a feebleness for big breasts. It used to be their life support decades ago. Same for us, but some hormone, or just coded instinct (or both), dunno, turned off our desire for boobs. Or it could be a mere excuse for manly lusting. Don’t jump to condemn it on the spot. Educated men can watch and admire without lusting and consuming.

The interdiction on nudity has rather a social meaning. Allowing us to walk naked on the streets would wake up the dormant voyeur-daemons in men (they all have at least one) and nobody can tell when the beast in them will break free from well-mannered rules of behavior. What makes us humans would shortly revert to outright public violence and rape. Society as we know it will cease to exist.

Eolake Stobblehouse from makes a good point about how screwed we are as a society. Now take off the clothes, and together with them the moral standards, and brace up for the collective consequences of street drunkard mob tyranny.

Men embracing the philosophy of are rare. And I’d incline to believe that, with advancing in age, most educated men will echo the gentle spirit of Eolake. However, the nerdy, over 40 spectacled intellectuals, would heroically die to defend any naked woman from the mad hordes composed of primeval, tattooed, young and drunk brutes. And then we’ll have no protectors. No one to give us the peace of mind and the safety net that a current hypocritical society offers us (more or less). Nothing is perfect and we’re deeply in trouble for not being capable to admire our bodies in a non-aggressive way (because I’d say that a sane man will always manifest sexual admiration for a naked woman). But how many men make a difference between admiration and aggression, between prospect and possession? That’s actually the point about why we cannot walk nude on the streets.

Now back to watching and admiring without lusting to grab and plunder. Medical studies confirm that heart health and general tonus improves in men staring at breasts. Prosthetic industries sensed the niche and — together with plastic surgeons — offered the means to enhance our cup sizes. The virgin breast is no longer a matter of distant forgotten memories. Your man must not long after the young perfect body you’ve lost behind a decade or two. All you have to do is have some implants. Right? WRONG!

Baring cases of illness and restoring surgery, I think that a healthy woman should keep her natural breasts. Small, medium, large, plus or extra-large. You want your man to love you for what you are? Good then. Apply this concept to your cup size as well.

Make no mistake that McDonalds, fried oils, pork lard, processed sugars, bakeries, margarine, salamis (and so on) make you fat and lazy and stupid. No invented implant can fix that. And if you’re smart enough to care about your body and your looks, then challenge your intellect a bit further and figure out that silicon implants may be even worse to your general health than all the junk food piled together.

The terrifying story of how a former French butcher earned millions from selling faulty breast implants made from mattress filling

Revealed: true scale of breast implant scandal


Go google for some more.

Few days ago hubby asked me to publish this picture:

I argued that my breasts are hanging doggie style (hum, oops 😳 ) and I don’t want to publish it. He told me then that he loves this picture more than many others. He loves me even with the sagging breasts. It’s natural at my age.

320x480iphone-wallpaper-shy-cougarbunny-nakedHe doesn’t mind. Sure, I know he gives me an extra dose of Omega 3 fish oil pills when he thinks they go too flat. And I see that he won’t tell me why (I ask him “why?”) because he doesn’t want me to worry for nothing. He loves me as I am, for what and who I am. In exchange I agree with him to post some topless pics of me. Just to make a statement that we’re not following industry standards, especially in the field of plastic surgery and silicon implants.

Is he looking out for any other size of breasts on the street? You bet. He even tells me to look and compare. Sometimes (not very often, have to admit) I found myself pointing his stare when he missed a pair. I know he enjoys watching any cup size breasts. 🙄

And he feels no urge to touch but mine.

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