Women Power(s), and Products

In our commie school times of the ’70s, March the 8th was celebrated as the “International Woman’s Day” with rivers of flowers, candid flocks of children singing odes to their moms and an official bonus day off EXCLUSIVELY for us, the comrade-ladies. What a charade… The after-party (off the stage and off the record) continued in private men-meetings where they talked and smoked and drank to our honor, toasting for us, for our “well-being” and “prosperity” and so on and so forth. But they had to be served by… women — the same ones that had to cook and clean up the mess. Socialist men and their “solid” institutions “honored” the woman. Indeed… There’s another word for this: hypocrisy. Leftists are either naive (not to say perfect idiots) or cunning hypocrites — as when they’re just a tad above the average IQ then you can’t call them “idiots.”

From the other side of the fence stampedes Rush Limbaugh. Sure, he makes one good point: earn your money and then spend it as you see fit because there are better destinations for public money. But you won’t talk like that to a lady. Even if she goofed it. You’re the gentleman to pardon her, to politely forget and unhear. That used to work before gross words and gestures killed the last gentleman. We live in a world of Neanderthalers (thank to evo-invo-lution) and thus we have reason to fear men, because they are not gentle anymore. While honesty went to dust in a vintage forgotten drawer…

They all brag so much about the emancipation of women. Books and studies abound on menopause-related matters of preoccupation. Still you’ll see only heavenly ads on the craze of buffering your periods with the latest absorbent known to man, err, woman. Menopause is when you have no more periods, so you just escaped the ordeal. You can’t get pregnant anymore! What an incredibly relaxing thought, for any woman! You can have sex whenever you want, however you desire, without fearing the consequences (well, to some degree). However, the marketers of the industry (and the other hypocrites in politics) take your discomfort as a social engineering tool. They manipulate personal feelings and simple biology towards their interests. Just like with Google and Facebook: YOU ARE THE PRODUCT!

And BTW, experience and studies confirm that a problematic, hot flashing and painful menopause, along with other chronic conditions, is a result of sustained contraception — the one debated in politics, not the natural (oral) procedures…

Now let’s relax and watch some pictures that I chose. Not my hubby. He gave me this privilege today, as he would do any other day…





the power of the credit, or debit, cards in marriage

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