The Weapons of a Woman

A brave woman was given to an evil husband. But he was killed. Then she was given to his brother. But he didn’t want to give her a son, for his brother, and was killed as well. Then the patriarchal system “switched” her on standby mode until the next little brother will grow old to marry her. Not sure if men wondered about the onset of menopause; not even sure if such a term existed during those times. Sure thing is that the astute woman knew better than men did.

She was told and she listened: there was an opportunity not to be missed. She fled and disguised herself as a harlot. This helped her lure her father-in-law to enter to her. She was wise enough to gather material tokens of this event, just in case. Eventually she was able to prove the facts in order to save her life as well as the lives of her twin sons: Pharez and Zarah. The former being a “node” on the genealogy tree of our Savior.

Judah and Tamar, Emile Vernet, 1840

Judah and Tamar, Emile Vernet, 1840

That woman, Tamar, knew what she was doing. She had to keep history going — in a meaningful manner. While men around her were clueless.

Isn’t such a feeling occurring to you once in a while? Sure thing, in much less important situations. What happens then? Do you find yourself yelling at the “big boys” around, expecting that they’ll execute your commands? That may be the case… If so, then the sad story is that you’re surrounded by pussies.

Real gentle men won’t tolerate such a behavior. As shown above, there’s a subtle way for a woman to prove herself righteous. It takes patience, diligence and wisdom to teach you what you should hide, and when, what you should ask and what you’ll always have to unveil, this one being the common denominator of our feminine nature.



It matters less, if at all, what the “others” think of you. Follow your instinct and go with the masses (if you feel attached to them) or shy away from the social theater (if you find it too obscene).

Natural nudity is not as obscene as opulent fashion. Writing about your midlife crisis is a better therapy than pretending a social status. Admitting and confessing out of the blue, in a breath and for no reason, is more healthy than wearing out your wits through sclerotic corporate ladders or closed cults.

Truth became less than a second thought in our society. Lies after lies are tailored to cover and hide realities that we, they, me or you, don’t want others to see. Why not? Could be ugly, could be bad, could be both. There are good reasons for hiding this or that. But these good reasons are too often abused and extended beyond a reasonable realm.

My man talks to me about this twisted outer world and I ask him if he feels no headaches because I do. So much information, and so dense! He answers that ALWAYS when he realizes how corrupt we all are, then his soul sighs and his brains torment at the sad and hopeless landscape.

The cure? I ask. The cure, he answers, is yet another site praising the number one evidence of a Creator: daughters of Eve in their birthday suit. “Heal yourself by staring at natural nudes,” he keeps telling his friends if they lament about midlife crisis typical issues. This is why he recently launched a new site about nude photography — called — and asked me to make a little presentation of it. Which I just did.

Love your man, undress yourself and feel in control!

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