Young Company

This morning, the ‘Healthy Sex in Marriage’ blog check pleasantly surprised me with a wonderful backlink coming from this social sharing site:

So I clicked through to see the gorgeous gals posing, enjoying and blowing on that lusty tumblr account, titled “Snips ‘N Snaps.” At some point down the naked and tastefully selected pictures scroll, I stumble upon this one:

WOW! A one month old cute pic of my lovely bunny got shared away on by a perfect stranger. When I had a narrow chance (her mother is visiting, yes, I did the driving, as expected), I showed it to her. “Wow,” — she exclaimed — “think I’m the oldest in the listing!” And then (featuring a wide and confident smile on her face) she hurried back to help her mom calling from the kitchen.

It was about time, I can tell. Because the four past months were indeed taxing on us, and especially on Doris, with twins gymasium exams, then a twin’s twisted ankle, then another kid moving out to the campus, then the tight economics, and now her mom’s stay with us.

At 47, Doris is more than flattered to have a recent pose of hers selected in such a young and good-looking company.

Ladies love attention and they feel the thrill when it comes from a fine observer. Oh yes, gotta mention this if you wander out there: it’s a man-oriented site, which would qualify as “porn” for few shy housewives. But be also warned that there’s style to be seen even in the reblogged hard-core selections.

My soft-core smiling Doris cougar bunny was grabbed from “Sixty-nines, Bunny Ears, House and Chores.”

Barely two weeks away from it, let’s close this blog post with a verse I copied from the Snips ‘N Snaps page by Lusty May:

It’s May, it’s May
The Lusty month of May
That darling month when everyone throws self-control away
It’s time to do a wretched thing or two
And try to make each precious day one you’ll always rue

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