Pubic Hairstyles for Ladies

Should we keep our pubic hair?

By all means, YES! And if you don’t want your loved one to thread his teeth with it, then trim it regularly. Oral sex is a strong romantic binder in marriage. Like all sex, the oral one is about pleasure on both sides: the taker and the giver. But hey, my mind steers away (again?) — oral sex is NOT the subject of this post. Let’s focus on pubic hair, shall we? A bush too stiff and generally the uncut, long pubic hair may interfere with his joy of giving. And because people usually manifest a tendency towards the extreme (all or nothing), the fashionable way to treat your pubic hair is by shaving it altogether, or worse: epilate and have a bald pussy on display. But you may very well let him admire your camel toe without taking such extreme measures as removing your pubic hair with wax or an epilator. Trimmed at less than one centimeter, your pubic hair won’t stay in his way. Preserving your hair down there plays an important health function. It protects your most sensitive skin areas from fungus and other nesting parasites. Shaved pussies, and penises, are left defenseless against those thorny microscopic buggers and will irritate easier (that ruins the pleasurable moments, or the after-moments when you get back to senses, and pains). Plus, even trimmed down to some extent, the pubic hair remains an intelligently created dry lubricant during intercourse. Makes the act of love-making feel better and smoother. Why buy synthetic lubricants if you’ve been created with a natural one? Just in case, pour a spoon worth of extra virgin olive oil on your pubic areas and allow him to massage it around with his tongue. I think that your pubic frisure can even make a touch of personality. 1. Leaving it uncut, frizzy and bushy, will send the message that you’re a veritable vegan naturist, a hard-core nudist with a blunt disregard for the much feared bikini line (since you won’t wear them at the beach, you can’t care less about bikinis). 2. Trimming it uniformly may indicate a pedant inclination. Turning it into a prominent contrast-cut landing strip tells him that you’re eager to feel the thrill of his “rocket” drilling down. Make the strip wane or curl and let him approach you more sensually. 3. Have a logo haircut, consider simple sports logos, to let him know that you’re eager to work out (if that isn’t already obvious from your revealed curves). 4. Square the hair of your pubic parts to show him that you’re game. 5. Same goes for hearts, triangles, rhombuses and so on. But what makes a personality if not our often changing moods? Now that may be a good reason to shave your pubic hair (once in a while), then let it grow only to draw a new design through it. Believe me, with such a simple change you’re gonna blow his mind up without any effort (other than walking around). Alternating your clean camel toe with innovative pubic hairstyles makes a great case for spicing up your sexual intimacy in marriage. And because I’m a naturist, I hate tattoos, piercing and any synthetic substance on my body. Sure, you may do whatever you want, it’s a free world. But if you read this, then you won’t mind giving a google before applying something new and sticky on your skin — just my two cents. Β  According to the pics that Don has posted above, looks like my pubic hairstyling imagination stops at mere words. This is probably because I trim in haste, mostly when I sense that he really needs some “deforestation” to find his way in. Otherwise, my hands are full with current housewifing and mothering chores, as always. But I can dream, and write it down, at the moment when we’ll take our time, together with his repurposed moustache trimmer… zzz… zz… and Z.

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