“Draw me like one of your French girls”

One week ago we watched (again) the three-hours-long masterpiece movie “Titanic.” What a breathtaking couple-days-lasting romance! If that truly happened on the sinking ship or not is less important. What we know is that similar romances happen anytime anywhere. Framing them within the epos of a centennial tragedy makes them classic, and sad, and short.

Go figure what part of the movie is the favorite of my hubby. The middle minutes, right? Not surprisingly, the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio draws Kate Winslet, laying nude on the sofa, is the most arousing in this rather sad and terribly tragic movie. It is the pinnacle where all the glamour of the rich and the vivid enjoyment of life, by the poor and young, blend together on a sheet of white paper, under the charcoal of the artist.

Posing nude in front of a “stranger” and wearing the necklace with the “ultimate” diamond, just to annoy the inept tycoon. That was the most innocent plot of them all, and the one that seemingly survived the century — at least throughout the imaginary Hollywood plot.

Imagined or real life nudity brings you closer to liberation, setting you free (even if temporary) from whatever “chains” are holding you back, or down, in a locked stressing situation.

Don asked me, and got permission, to post some electronic art that he derived from nude photos featuring me, during our random moments of romantic escape. Did I tell him to “draw me like one of your French girls?” Well, certainly not, because he had no French gal whatsoever. I can’t figure of such things as asking Don for a nude photo shooting… He’s not the one giving me time to wait (and get bored) after the next nude posing. Think it became part of our long-lasting romance. Casual diamond imitations not included…

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