My Pink Fat Fluffy Cougar Bunny

It’s spring again! And most of the heating comes from the sun, sparing us the astronomic monthly gas bills. But this April came along with hosts of clouds, pouring rain over fields and gardens, which is a good thing, after all. But hey, what I’m doing here? Weather small talk?

Yesterday morning Doris agreed to pose for me in the winter garden still — see my little small talk above — because we can’t get naked outdoors yet!

The nude posing therapy keeps panic and worries away for a longer time than other so-called “orthodox” therapies. Especially when I give her all the freedom she desires. Because there’s nothing like feeling safe. Take for instance this set of fresh pictures. Compare them to older ones, where she paid attention at holding her stomach in, so that her abdomen will present a more toned appearance. Sure, that’s cool and I indicate her quite often when posing. But yesterday we said, what the heck! Be yourself and be happy. Enjoy watching your body in the mirror. Dress and undress as you wish, just show me that it pleasures you. Said and done.

Doris picked up a fluffy pink top assorted with a pair of laced undies that I bought for her late last week. Plus some dunno-how-to-call-them micro socks, pink as well. She never cared about stretching her belly in. And I definitely forgot about that while catching the gracious curvy moves of her joyfully jumping, turning and talking in front of the mirror. I just indulged in pressing the camera button.

As her strip tease went about and no top, undies, not even socks, were thrown away, I dared ask if she minds throwing her undies to remain in the pink fluffy top and the tiny socks. She answered that she will take her undies off if that pleases me. Aha! Of course that would please me, she knows that like anyone can tell. But her question was actually a rhetoric volley, subtly suggesting that it won’t please her to show her pussy. “No worries, baby, I want you to be happy and enjoy posing. You’ll show your pussy on your terms not on mine. Keep your panties on for now.” Which she did with sort of reluctance, fearing that I got hurt or something. I reassured her that any guy out there would love to stare at her pussy, especially me, in here. Men love to stare at pussies. She’s having no reason to accommodate such a trivial desire. What she needs is to think more of herself and a tiny bit less of the others. Her pleasure has to come first and foremost.

After this morning photo shooting, her happiness tonus raised substantially for the rest of the day. She coped better than other early afternoons when twins casually bring home that stormy stress, fighting and quarreling for nothing, like squirrels or robins do.

I’m so more and more in love with my pink fat fluffy cougar bunny…

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