Sensational Morning Sex – On Demand

Yesterday morning we found ourselves in the midst of yet another longer weekend — the mini vacation from schools with all our four kids at home, learning for the summer sessions, quarreling or fighting for nothing. With the advent of the magnificent month of May, Don moved his “office” to the backyard. “Even the WIFI works much better here, honey,” he joyfully confessed to me.

A quarter before 11 am, I sent the kids, all four of them, on bikes, out and about downtown, to run some small errands for their own sake and for the common family good.

Didn’t plan it but, once I turned the key, I fathomed that we are home alone (again!) for a very short time, however. They can return in minutes, panic hit me, so hurry up! Told hubby. When he heard my words and guessed what my smile suggested then, in that very instant, he put the laptop aside and took off his Bermudas.

“Not so fast, darling, we’re not gonna make it here in the open air.”

“Why not?” He replies wondering. “All the winter I dreamed of making love with you in the garden.”

“That will be, for another day, not now. We have ten minutes.” And I allow him to follow me upstairs in the cool and empty house.

My first orgasm, spreading open beneath his firm grip, in missionary classic as I love it so much, came short, like I was in a hurry. But maybe, to be more accurate, as he knows the fine rotary art of gently pressing and rubbing my pelvis while upwardly screwing me, round and softly, on the inside – just beneath the very same bone, where he finds my touchy button. Thus he brought a rapid orgasm on me in less than five minutes.

Usually men shamelessly brag about such endeavors. But let me tell you that sometimes, like yesterday, that kind of bragging is genuine and truthfully covered. Even if, on my side, it was more like a wishful orgasm, I still felt the titillation building up throughout my belly, spreading to my breasts, arms and body, and finally blowing up my head. All this on a whim, the way I asked for it in the first place.

Now, that we reached to matters of head, it was time (and urgent!) for me to give him head. I was already done, so I gotta take care of him, nope? I asked him to stroke (and fast!) in my mouth while I was laying on the back, touching myself.

Many times, in front of the camera, I pretend to touch myself. Not that yesterday I didn’t, because I often perform this acting, needing his visuals excited at maximum to finish over. But the haste of yesterday morning, plus the idea that I grabbed him from work for a quickie, the feeling of being his naughty bunny for a so-very-short break and then to revert to my mothering and gardening honorable tasks, all these excited my spirit to spikes of pleasure, beyond what reasonable comfort would admit. And this made me think that I actually wanted to spread and touch myself while kissing and licking his hard stroked head.

It paid off well: in no time he spat out his load in my mouth. A bit slipped over my lips. Not much of a load, I wondered… Yet I stretched my arm around his neck and pushed him down to tongue-service my pussy. Less gently this time, he grabbed my buttocks in his hands and sucked my labia with vigor and haste. His tongue, in the frenzy that shrouded us more and more, pressed my clitoris and slipped inside to collect my sugary juices. I tried to relax, to side balance my butt. But no! His arms fixed my hips and pushed my pussy up, to his insatiable mouth, where his throbbing tongue eventually delivered me over to my second and greatest orgasm wave of the day. Guess I squirted some extra drops because, when he went and I remained to fix back the room (to look like nothing happened), I noticed a tiny puddle on the sheets. Oops…

It wasn’t 11 am when we were both done and heading to the bathroom. While washing our hands and intimate parts, he told me that he masturbated early in the morning, while I was sleeping. That makes his second charge delivered in less than four hours time, he brags at me.

I laughed back at him: “Now I see! you made me swallow the leftovers, while your best dose of vitamins, minerals and sweet nutrients got wasted, what a shame! At least, this will make you even more cool for the day. Thanks for spending all your available juices to charge my batteries!” I kiss him frugally, returning his grin and getting out of the bathroom.

Yes, we need to stay cool for these torrid days of May!

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