Omega3 Fish Oil: Rounding Bosoms and Widening Buttocks

During winter, Don increased my daily dose of Omega 3 fish oil – served in softgel pills, of 1200mg each, from a green supplements bottle where they state that the product was purified from toxins, PCBs and especially the dreaded Mercury…

On a regular basis, he gave me two softgels, so 2400mg of Omega 3, on every day of winter. But when my stressing and desperation with the twins spiked to what he deemed “alarming” levels, then he took care to feed me a third 1200mg dose plus he doubled my 100mg daily dose of Coenzyme Q10. He wants my heart to gently jolt of joy all the time. Sure, that can’t be a constant case for “all the time.” Growing and educating four kids wearies you and then comes the shadow of financial worries.

“Death and taxes will always creep out of some dark corner, why waste your thoughts on them?” He is right and I wish to be more focused on the immediate reality, to make the present count first and to rout the shadows away with a confident smile. “When you smile, you bring the sunshine to my soul, bunny.” Yes, I love my “therapist” so much. Even if he started (again) to call me his “pink fat fluffy bunny.”

Why fat? No woman likes when men tell her that she’s fat. But instead of diving through colored buckets of ice cream, attempting to allay a deepening depression, the method I was taught to follow is to extrovert my worries, to dry them out of my soul. So yes, I am FAT! So what?

“Here is what: let’s shoot some new outdoor naked pictures with you. Put your money where your mouth is. Show the planet how fat you came to be!” He instigates me before delving into the analysis of how the sustained extra daily dose of Omega 3 had rounded my small breasts to fine curves, but also thickened my legs and widened my butts.

That’s what worries me a bit. I wish to keep my thin legs and tight buttocks while rounding my tiny bosoms. For a starter, Don reduced the dose of Omega 3 to only 600mg a day and is supplementing the gap with 1200mg of a soy lecithin softgel. At the same time increasing dosage for selenium and other minerals intake. We’ll see the shapes in September…

Until then, here he goes with posting our first shot of the marvelous May 2012 nude gallery. Am I really FAT?

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