Adoration for Your Woman

Found this image posted on tumblr. It’s a statue exposed at the Sex Museum in Korea. There’s an entire Love Land island park for you to roam. Some postures are just vulgar — with their only value of displaying body functions and instinct actions. Interesting but not outstanding.

However, this statue has a particular touch of art in it. The kneeling man left his trousers on. He is not there to show off. It’s not his wagging thing the center of attention. But, like Atlas, he is here to sustain a world. This world being his naked and lovely and most beautiful woman. And while holding her on top of his shoulders, proving the stamina and the manhood required of a gentle caregiver, he hides his face between her inner thighs. The artist allows us the freedom to imagine that he may also dive his tongue between her wet lips. But this is only a subtle hint. We may as well believe that he’s just kissing her clitoris or nosing her pubic hair — well, that last one is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Loving man sustains his adorable naked woman sitting on his face and shoulders

Now let’s have a look at the adorable lady. She stands up although she is definitely seated, on her man’s shoulders and also right on his face. Her hands covering her breasts — this message tells something about exposure and intimacy: with the same gesture she wants to hide her nipples from view, but she is pressuring them, which indicates the tension of an untold inner pleasure wiring her body. Wondering wherefrom this thrill?

The lady extends her torso and neck with her face pointing up to the sky. She seeks or she thanks, we cannot tell but guess. I guess that she gives thanks for the blessings that she receives: like for instance being loved — and even worshiped — by the man holding her in his arms, firmly pressing her back dimples, the same man who brought himself closer to the ground, putting his shoulders down for her to ride, the same man who is tasting the nectar dripping slowly through her bush. She is loved with passion beyond imagination and beyond words, so she sends her gratitude to the Upper Levels for her unique situation. See? The uniqueness has nothing to do with counting how many other women on earth experience the same love. For sure there are many. The more the better. In a perfect world, all should live this kind of love. The uniqueness is brought by the vertical, not by the horizontal. It makes a difference when you separate, together with your loved one, from the rest of the world, when you enter the vertical in two and, while in there, you will discover that you are three, Someone is watching. And this makes us give thanks.

The Korean Love Land park may not be a Christian initiative (I have strong doubts that it could be one) but a Christian mind will find, at least in this statue we’re talking about, many reasons to rejoice and worship our Lord for He gave us, men, this priceless gift, right from the everlasting Gardens of Heaven: our women.

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