Hubby’s Soporific Tongue

It was quite a busy week. It all started with taking the twins to a week-long camp. Wanted to use this vacation to finish some wall painting — which I did and being grateful for that. This week also marked the breaking of yet another psychological barrier in my mind — more on this later, maybe. We also took advantage — with a great photo shooting and an even greater love-making afterwards — of our home alone value time. Looks like the scorching times of 2012 have begun…

But tonight, like few others before, I was really tired by the busy days and, when gently asked if I want to get into sex play, I replied that I’d better sleep along. So hubby pursued his regular self handling in front of the laptop. It was past midnight because he had to deliver a late install. Although I tried hard to fall asleep, I couldn’t, so I watched and caressed him all the way. And when he finally came I told to myself that now I can sleep undistracted. It wasn’t that way. I had muscle soreness. My hectic mind running from a matter to another. Raised my legs up on the wall to ease the pain. Wanted to finally fall asleep! It didn’t happen.

Noticing my restless moves, hubby whispered that he can turn me to dreamland in about five minutes time. I thought: “but you just finished yourself, you must be tired, why don’t you sleep on your side of the bed and let me catch mine on my side?” — but my mouth just whispered a “no thanks” back to him. At almost 2am, too late (or too early?) for sex, that’s what I thought. Still hubby approached and offered me a massage. I never turn down a massage! So his hand commenced to work on the back of my neck, his mouth to suck on a nipple of mine, while his other hand massaged an upper arm of mine. After a minute, or two, I was still agitated so his hand went from my arm down to massage my pubic area. Initially I said no, but hubby asked me to be confident and raise my butt a bit so he can take off my pyjama pants. I did what he said — was anyway out of ideas and annoyed that I cannot fall asleep.

In no time, he moved his hands and head to go down on me. Careful and prudent, he opened my legs and, while caressing my inner thighs, he commenced to suck my clitoris and firmly tongue the area above it. I climaxed immediately, arching my body with the sonority of a bass note. Then I kissed him thank you and fell asleep ON THE SPOT.

It’s yet another warm, slightly windy, summer morning. Waking up with my batteries humming of energy. Before turning my laptop on to write this short blog, I thanked him: “Your tongue did wonders to me, you’re an excellent soporific, I love you.” And he replied, half asleep, with a single opened eye: “See honey, we had asynchronous sex last night.” Then returned to the realm of dreaming. Oh, because we’re talking about dreamland, here’s a link to a blog he wrote yesterday on his new, unfinished, web site: Adoration for Your Woman — lovely title, nope?

smiling cougar bunny with a hasty haircut

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