To Be or To Have, That is The Question

Recently a forsaken memory popped up into my mind. It is about how I enjoy helping people. I really want to help. I feel good when doing this. I was reading for a second time, after so many years, one of my preferred college books. The funny platitudes brought me back to a theory of common sense: that the most important thing in your life is to help your peers. Help anyone, anytime you have the chance. Don’t make it seem like you cannot do that, or that you have no means to. You’ll always find someone having less than you have. Sharing is giving.

There are two types of persons. Those who live “to be” and those who live “to have.” I think it’s better to find yourself in the former category. But that depends.

Helping with a good advice always comes in handy. Helping with money is more and more difficult, as cash is often scarce. But how about helping out with some pictures? I pose nude for my hubby, he posts the selected photos on the net and some perfect stranger will have sweet dreams tonight. I don’t mind helping! I do enjoy it!

Happy 4th to the American readers of my dang space blog.

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