My Take on True Men

In my opinion, I’d divide men in three main categories. Two of them are, as expected, the extremes with a relatively reduced number of individuals. That’s because most of the men belong to the central category — the outstanding middle. Here is where we can find what’s usually called the “true men.”

To the first category, or extreme category, I’d include those men who — although with their sex being well-defined, not suffering of any physical anomaly — enjoy a lesser quantity of testosterone. They are those kind and shy and well listening men. They were perfect children. They are faithful husbands, never tiring their ladies. If, by accident, a feminist runs into one of them, she may breathe of relief — if she’s not in the mood for sex, neither is he. And he will never pester her with “aberrant” demands. I really hope that this category is however weakly represented and, as far as these people are happy, good for them! They are blessed. They can peacefully pursue whatever hobby or intellectual passion is driving their souls. They are mastered only by what they carry on top of their shoulders. Or by their wives.

In the other extreme I’d place the men that price sex above anything else. Those that cannot control their heads from turning around after every skirt on the walkway. Those that cannot hold their hands in a restaurant where the waitresses have to be polite with the clients. Those men, slaving to their underbelly head mindlessness, are incapable of finding satisfaction, and (maybe) even happiness. In most of the cases, they can’t nurture their marriages — because they usually have more than one. If committing mistakes, they won’t learn out of them. And, before calling it a life, they will find themselves lonely, melancholic and abandoned.

The most common type of men, according to what I wish to believe, is composed of what we call the “normal” men. Those that, ever since entering puberty, are preoccupied with their little friend in the pants, that one that gals don’t have. Wow! Vive la difference! They talk about sex, they have sex but they also know to hold their families in high esteem.

A true man must know how to honor his wife. Knowing that he’s allowed to look around, to release his animal instincts, he also knows that everything which is good comes within a measure. This measured mindset allows him to keep his family, to raise and educate his children in a blessed and healthy manner, to be an outstanding example for them. This is the father that can help his sons to understand what it takes to be a man, to be a True Man.

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