Why Take MSM? – The Health Benefits of MSM

Because MSM has gotten a reputation for relieving pain from Arthritis and other joint-related problems, most people believe that’s the only thing it’s good for. And if they don’t have Arthritis, then they don’t think they need an MSM supplement. Here’s why I think most people do.

MSM is not a drug or a synthetic form of a vitamin.

It is a natural form of organic sulfur; organic sulfur is found in all living organisms. The third largest ingredient found in the human body, sulfur is one of the Big Three, which include salt and water. In its purified form, MSM comes in an odorless white crystal that has slightly varying tastes, leaning mostly toward the bitter side.

According to chemists, “MSM and its related compounds — DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) and DMS (dimethylsulfide) — are the source of nearly all of the sulfur in humans, plants, and animals. The chemical formula for MSM is (CH3)2SO2. It is essentially DMSO with an extra oxygen molecule, and as such isn’t lipid-soluble like DMSO.”

Scientists discovered the health benefits of MSM by testing the water in potholes on the side of a road which were dug out by deer and other animals. They were coming to drink everyday when there was a stream nearby. But rather than drink from the clean stream they were licking drips of water from these holes. A paper mill had been spraying waste water from its machines on the road to keep the dust down.

A couple of scientists working in the area wondered what the animals were craving, and after a few experiments whereby they left certain ingredients out of the water sprayed onto the road, they found it was the mineral dimethyl-sulfoxide. After researching it in a lab, they found that the healing agent-and the ingredient that the animals’ bodies told them they needed-was methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

We now know that, as a supplement to our diets, MSM is essential to maintain optimum health. And it is already present in our bodies; it’s not some foreign agent.

You can’t have too much MSM in your body, and you can’t take too much of it. However, I suggest for people under thirty who are fairly healthy, about 4000 mg. per day. If you have any joint problems or need help with any of the things-listed below-that MSM helps with, then add more. Healthy people past forty need at least 6000 mg. per day, and more if they have serious joint (or other) inflammation problems. Older people need more.

I warned all of you about Celebrex, and tried to get everyone I could off of it — two years before the drug companies admitted the serious negative side effects it was causing.

Let me tell you the same thing I did then, and this is an absolute fact: There are no safe drugs for arthritis, gout, rheumatism, or any other joint inflammatory problem!

MSM, along with plant enzymes, is the only way to take care of these problems safely — these along with some diet changes, such as cutting out (or at least back on) sugar, and cutting out completely processed meats, all forms of shell-fish, pork, and fried foods are excellent natural ways to take care of joint-related problems.

However, MSM is good for more-much more. Here is a list I have compiled showing some of the many ways that MSM aids the human body. (MSM is also good for your pets; break a capsule or two open [according to their age and size] and spread it on their food. They’ll eat it!!)

The Health Benefits of MSM

  1. Improves Joint Flexibility (by reducing stiffness and swelling and cleansing the bloodstream of acrid agents)
  2. Improves the Memory
  3. Improves Circulation and Enhances Cell Vitality
  4. Improves Wound Healing (from cuts as well as burns and bruises)
  5. Improves the Health of the Hair, Nails, and Skin
  6. MSM is the catalyst for the synthesis of several important human enzymes
  7. Reduces allergic reactions to hay fever, food, and pet allergies
  8. Reduces Pain Associated with Systemic Inflammatory Disorders-including Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout, Night Leg Cramps, Migraines, and inflamed arteries
  9. Reduces Gastrointestinal Disorders-such as Crohn’s Disease and Colitis
  10. Reduces the Effects of Stress-helps reduce ulcers
  11. Reduces Diabetic Complications-helps regulate insulin production
  12. Reduces Capillary Fragility-aids resistance to bruising and strokes
  13. Reduces Stiffness and Swelling-throughout the body
  14. Reduces Soreness in the Muscles
  15. Reduces Post Athletic Activity Fatigue
  16. Reduces Hypertension
  17. Reduces Parasitic Infections (MSM actually kills several different types of intestinal parasites)
  18. Reduces Symptoms of Asthma and Emphysema
  19. Increases Collagen (a skin protein) and Elastin Bonding-improves skin smoothness and elasticity-acts as an internal and external sun screen
  20. Some of the more recent therapeutic uses of MSM include treatment for lupus, snoring, breast cancer, colon cancer, parasites, muscle soreness and cramps, diabetes, eye health, stress and mental disorders.

Note: According to an integrative doctor I spoke with, therapeutic doses would generally start at around 10,000 mg. per day-according to what is being treated. The actor Robert Culp who had crippling arthritis before adding enzymes and large doses of MSM to supplement his diet, takes a minimum of 12,000 mg. per day of MSM. This allows him to function without pain and stiffness that comes from crippling arthritis.

MSM is a relatively cheap supplement. Check the Web to buy it in bulk. You can save a lot that way.

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