The Watermelon, an Excellent Regulator

 Citrullus lanatus, colloquially known as the watermelon, is an ideal summer fruit. It’s like you almost don’t need anything else to eat. The watermelon quenches your thirst and — if you add a slice of bread to garnish it — you’ll satisfy the deep hunger in your stomach.

Because it is a good diuretic, the watermelon is recommended for cleansing the kidneys, but also has beneficial effects in regulating the hormones.

Millennia-old principles of the Chinese medicine show that, at certain times during the day, different internal organs return a maximum output. The Chinese traditional medicine says that, in twenty-four hours, the “chi” energy passes throughout the twelve channels (or meridians in acupuncture) at regular intervals. It’s like a clock (or biorhythm). An energy rate controls the circadian rhythm of your body. In a twenty-four hours cycle this fluctuation influences the physiological, biochemical and mental — the sleep-wake swaps, the appetite or your ability to focus, the general physical shape and, of course, your sex drive.

If you listen to your body and mind, applying some simple principles, then you will feel fit and healthy!

The clock biorhythm for kidneys returns a maximum potential starting from 5pm through 7pm. Which tells us that it’s not recommended to consume too much liquid in the evening, after 7pm, not to overload the kidney function.

Thyme tea and lovage juice helps with the cleanse of your kidneys. But now, in full summer, when ripe and cracking watermelons seduce us with their red juicy pulp, we ought to be foolish not to take advantage of them. A watermelon course of at least ten days per month will give you visible effects of detoxification, and will also regulate the hormonal and immune system. Watermelon juice oxidizes quickly and — in less than fifteen minutes — it will lose its curative potential. This is why it is advisable to eat raw watermelons, as they are, at least two kilograms a day.

Watermelon crust is rich in silica and chlorophyll. Silica improves the function of the pancreas, is essential in stabilizing the calcium in the body and in strengthening the bones. Chlorophyll — the substance that gives plants their green color — has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which makes it an excellent detoxifiant. Watermelon crust can be marinated or candied.

For gallstones, you may consume powder obtained from grinding watermelon seeds, well mixed with plenty of olive oil. Take a teaspoon every morning. The cure should last ten days, then take a pause and resume the next month.

To speed up the convalescence process, one may try to mix the following seeds: from watermelon, melon, pumpkin, cucumber and sunflower. Grind the seeds mix and add a tad of hot water, then dry out the liquid through a filter and administer the mix.

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