Topless and Shy Doris

My cougar bunny was a bit preoccupied by a question she got on WW. This one: “Let me get this straight! You have an adult web site with nudity etc. and you are telling me you’re shy?”

If you want to know what Doris thinks then read her blog. But here, on my photo blog, I’ll give you two things.

1. That’s why I call her cougar-bunny. Because she is naturally a bunny, and a shy one (like bunnies should be) but I take my time to show her that there’s always an educated cougar in a woman. The beauty of the ineffable is when you study her, pose her and study her pictures, to watch and see when the bunny comes and goes, when the cougar roars. A woman is more than a mystery.

2. A list of snaps I took on the 15th of May, 2009. Doris wearing a pair of yellow pants and a white bag while being herself: a shy topless bunny.


Looks like she wants her pants off…

Yes, just a bit more, please.

There’s a saying that goes like this: “Oben ohne unten nichts.” (Topless and nothing under.)








































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