Creative Orgasms with Hubby’s Penis

I just read somewhere that only thirty percent of women state, according to studies, that they reach climax during intercourse. If this is true, and not a statistical error, then it is also sad. Because men’s penises were particularly designed to penetrate our vagina and bring us on the brink.

From that edging point I usually feel elevated beyond imagination and I simply surrender, letting my body fly on the wonderful waves of the ensuing orgasms. Yes, using a plural, because I can’t identify a single tide. There are few extra touches or extra pushes that give me wings to climb a bit before I take the next dive. He won’t stop until I beg him to — and I have to, because I can’t control my trembling body anymore unless he will give me a little space.

The Penis of Your Husband

Hey, don’t freak out. I’m not at all interested in the penis of YOUR husband. I have mine and that suits me very well. This sub-title crept into my mind while reading Julie’s post on the matter “Do You Really Know Your Husband’s Penis?” To date, I had never read such a thoughtful and gracious way of talking about that wagging thing. As a Christian wife, I find myself too masculinized by my man. He made me shameless when instilling in me that courage to show off and pose nude. By wishing to please him so much, I realize that sometimes, not seldom times, I jump the gun and often find myself over the fence, landing in that greasy arena of male dirty fantasies. But hold on, we’re talking about penises here. So I find it fair to inform our fellow-men that women have their fantasies as well. We’re not mere cooking and cleaning and breeding machines, we’re humans like you are, we have ups and downs, we have emotions (yes, you know too well about that) and dreams and desires.

When in highschool, I had a huge crush on Alain Delon. I wrote him fan letters, like gals used to during the late 70s and early 80s, to which I received post cards with him, like any other fan did. And I had so many loving sweety girlie fantasies with him. But let me tell you one thing: I never EVER dreamed about his penis. Never ever! The concept of Prince Charming as a whole heroic and attractive man has the power to elevate the young spirit, to grow us wings and teach us to fly. Only mention the penis in this platonic discussion and you’re gonna ruin it.

Seems that the penis bears not much of an aesthetical value as much as a functional one. When hubby monkeyed and showed me his, I was shocked! For the first time in my life I’ve seen a penis. Live! Gradually I grew to like and love it. And because men like measuring and comparing, I had to measure it once, for his sake. At full length, the hardened and arched shaft stopped short under 17 centimeters. When hanging it goes around 10 centimeters. So what I get during love-making is somewhere between these two sizes. It all depends on how much inner stress (mostly money matters) or how many times the doorbell has rung while we’re at it (if kids are not sleeping upstairs) or how far away from his daily problems I can tease him with my voice, moves and caressing.

Masturbating Together to Fabulous Orgasms

Unlike in our youth years, he won’t stay rock hard too long too often. And for sure won’t shoot fast and far away across my tits. We are a mature, midlife couple, with a more sophisticated sex life, in many ways quite different from the mindless sexual dynamics that apply to younger couples.

Studies confirm that married couples, and life-long loving ones for that matter, masturbate more often than singles.

“And while you’d think singles would be the ones spending more time with their hands below their belts, studies show that people who are married or live with a partner play with themselves more often than those on the dating circuit.”

Read more at Women’s Health

In a healthy marital relationship the boundaries between sex and masturbation are blurred by the mutual trust and confidence that spouses manifest to each other. Intimacy may take place like in movies, but it also happens this way.

Act 1, Version 1.0

Hubby wakes up with a prominent morning wood. He pokes wifey’s butt with it and wifey is game, so they set to copulate for as long as the “wood” will stay hard, which usually wanes away after wifey sends hubby to pee, or if hubby declares that he can’t hold anymore. The trick here is for hubby to give enough gentle rounds and thrusts and bring wifey up to orgasmic spasms just before his time will expire.

Act 1, Version 2.0

Hubby wakes up with a prominent morning wood. He pokes wifey’s butt with it and wifey says that she is tired. Won’t hubby mind if she sleeps one more hour? He never minds and goes to pee, then turns on his laptop to watch what’s up on WW or other home porn hubs. He is disgusted by mainstream porn, that’s why he likes to watch only a few sites on our tastes – real nudes, real amateurs, real people! And he jacks it as he watches. But he gets bored shortly and turns to watch his vast (thousands and thousands of photos) personal collection of nudes with wifey. Sometimes Act 1, Version 2.0 ends here with a late ejaculation, a caressing hand of wifey’s and a long kiss. The day can begin!

Act 2. Version 1.0

After wifey got past her orgasmic spasms, hubby will masturbate over her belly, tits or mouth, according to her option. She decides where. The load will be shared, it’s what the French call la boule de neige, and while wifey swallows her part of vitamins, hubby hurries up, err, down, and licks wifey’s clit, spreading his share of the cream all over her lips. He works his tongue out until she will cum again. They give each other a short kiss. The day can begin!

Act 2. Version 2.0

Hubby wakes up with a prominent morning wood. He pokes wifey’s butt with it and wifey says that she is tired. Won’t hubby mind if she sleeps one more hour? etc. etc. […] Sometimes Act 1, Version 2.0 does not end here because wifey decides to speed up the process (given reason) and to take part in the game (implied looks). So she calls the (earlier, much earlier) late ejaculation to take place over her pussy, then waits for hubby to finely spread the load all around, working her clit with his tongue and her inner thighs with his fingers until she gets a spasm or two. They kiss, long or short, depends. The day can begin!

In conclusion, one can hardly make a difference between sex in marriage and masturbation in marriage. If we love each other and share everything in life, why stay apart during the intimate moments of masturbation?

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