Work Out in the Morning

Early September 2007. Doris needs her morning outdoor work out before she will be game to have me do mine, on her.









Now she’s ready. So am I. The indoor work out can begin!






4 thoughts on “Work Out in the Morning

  1. Beautiful sexy legs & a gorgeous ass..Thoughts of bending you over & sliding my big thick hard cock deep inside your hot tight wet pussy & fucking you slow deep & hard just made me shoot a huge hot heavy load of cum all over your sexy ass & inner thighs..WOOF! ;)Duke


    1. Wow, Duke! After reading your latest comments on WW I arrived to read this one. What a huge difference between them. And in both you express the same desire, yet in very different words. I’m flattered by your excitement and desire. I’m also enjoying your fine words of October way more than the above September comment.

      Don’t stop! Guess we can start to communicate 🙂

      Lots of kisses,


    1. Dear Pappy,

      It works like this: cleaning + cooking + children = lots of stress on my mind and body.

      Then: cuddling + slow long breakfasts + listening to Bible reading + fitness + love-making + more cuddling = extreme comfort filling my heart, mind and body.



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