Liver Cure with Silymarin from Milk Thistle

The liver is very simple to fix: start with lots of water with lemon juice; it’s best to use distilled water for a couple of months.

Next, lots of lecithin; you want the oil based kind; not the granules. And also a compound called Silymarin which is found in the herb Milk Thistle, which is also good; but the silymarin is the main liver healer in Milk Thistle.

Milk thistle came to light in the 1970s when G. Vogel, M.D. began using it to treat liver diseases. Vogel brought 60 liver diseased people to his clinic, who had gotten that way by eating mushrooms — which are a fungus and ought not be eaten.

Vogel gave them a compound called silymarin that was extracted from milk thistle, because he believed that’s what was healing the liver in the herb. He found that “results ranged from amazing to spectacular,” even though most of the people were not treated until days after eating the mushrooms.

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