Doris Roams the Surrounding Fields, Topless

This picture is exactly seven days old. Last Friday, I took Doris for a drive. We stopped on the fields, at random, to shoot some erotic nude pictures in the wonderful nature under the scorching sun of August.

First she was more preoccupied with the truck and tractor drivers on the road. What if they see her? Well, that’s the point. They most likely saw her, but at the slow speed of their vehicles nothing could go wrong with the traffic (it was a marginal — agricultural — road anyway). Then she got scared about the ticks. We saw none, but who can tell… on these never-ending fields, ticks roam in the hide, right?

So we drove back downtown where Doris presented to my Canon what she HAD NOT under her red French skirt.

I’ve set my camera to 2736×3648 pixels, which brings us to the realm of the 10-MegaPixel High Resolution imagery. This gives about 15 by 20 inches in print for each photo.

But I must stop short before making any further spoilers. You’ll be the first to find out, on this site, when we’re about to take off to the next level.

August, 2012

In the second snap above, taken downtown, minutes after we returned from the ticks-haunted fields, Doris tells me to shut up! And to get myself back to work for the new site. Okay, okay…

Find the entire set, in two parts, with over 100 high resolution downloadable photos, on

7 thoughts on “Doris Roams the Surrounding Fields, Topless

    1. Honestly, I don’t care. But looking at Don, seeing how much he enjoys watching me, I think that whomever saw something, it did no harm to him…


  1. I understand. I always enjoy seeing my wife’s pussy or tits in public. For some reason it’s a turn on for me. Guess that’s another reason I enjoy your photos so much.


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