Hard On in the Evening

Had not much time to write here lately because I had to write a little novella (guess that sounds pleonastic) and also to guide hubby in preparing my paid adult site launch. And what can I tell, he was more under pressure than me — having to deal with all the mumble jumble of the technical and production details.

I can’t tell precisely what he felt when uploading hundreds of high-definition pictures with his wife naked on the internet. These are huge 1:1 images where you can see my pores (and my defects) very closely. Only this is enough to have my emotions play around. But I sat to study them a little bit. And you know what? About one set I think that I was too fat, about another one I really like how it shows me — mostly because I’m most of the time with my skirt on me (hey, I had to flash downtown, that’s still a very big deal for me!) — and about another one (where I appear completely nude) I’m at peace with how I look (probably because of the lipstick?, don’t know).

That said, we are both quite tired and dangerously sleep depraved. Besides, on this terrible heat wave, I had to spend extra hours in the kitchen, including night hours (because it’s cooler to cook by night), to put jarred vegetables for the winter. This had me go to bed at 2am the other night. But yesterday I finished at 10 pm and asked hubby for an evening love-making session. He had to finish some work for another hour or so and invited me to take a nap and be ready for the furtive moments when his tongue will find her way down and his lips will meet mine after his hand would have spread my legs. Panties? Who wears panties in August?

I don’t know exactly what time it was when he gently came to bed, taking care of my hormonal needs, but I can tell that he had a vigorous hard on and he kept it that way until he ejaculated in my mouth. Not before giving me a pair (I guess) of orgasms by the inside — it’s when the intercourse between his hard on and my under-clit button take a fair amount of time rubbing in rounds and thrusts until I enter my uncontrolled tunes. He capped our nightly love-making session with a lingual orgasm to my clitoris, alas without his lubricating regular share of semen because I swallowed it entirely when he came in my mouth.

This morning, right before I went to write this post, he easily approached me from behind with a kiss on my neck, asking if I enjoyed his evening hard on.

Wow, how couldn’t I enjoy that long-lasting hard dick of his? If I had tried a dildo on me (must confess here that I never did!) should I compare his hard on to it? Don’t know, will tell after my dildo experience — oh, not sure when that will happen, but who knew that I’ll open a personal adult site after all? But let’s get back to our hard on hour. I told him that that was amazing for me — to feel him like when we were young — and asked what was his fantasy that kept his cock hard for all the needed time.

He looked at me over my shoulder and answered: “You are my fantasy!”

Aww, how cute. “Then why can’t you keep a hard on more than ten minutes with other occasions?”

“Because I am stressed most of the time. But this night, when I came to cuddle on your pubis, I felt completely stress-free. Go figure: you walk all day long without panties on you, wearing just that frugal and blue mini dress; then I noticed that you actually enjoy being an object of lust on your site, don’t you?”

“So far as fans ask me questions that require an intellectual response from me, yes! It is awesome when I can see that they care about what I think on intimacy-related matters. I really want to give them more than just a hand…”


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