The Constant Temptations and the Seldom Virtue

Almost two years since when we launched, things happened to us and we’re thankful for all of them, good or bad, because God provides in such ways that we can’t tell first hand but we eventually discover that in order to arrive you must first depart.

What we had in mind back in 2010 was plain simple: “let us play a bit and see what gives.” Doris was very shy about showing her awesome naked body on a public site. Don used to poke with caution and curiosity to see where the water is.

The experience of these two years taught us that ladies are excellent readers and gentlemen are true watchers. Wow, what a surprise, short of this experience we never knew…

What we learned is that — in order to make a difference — you gotta get traffic up and then carefully notice the emerging fan base out of it, and then gracefully addressing every fan IN PERSON — be it by email or site comments, forums, etc. — about his or hers specific interests and desires. We have to admit that we’ve got more of “his” than “hers” but that’s, again, not a surprise.

As of today, Doris signs her emails like this.

Doris Dawn,
Happily married cougar bunny and true amateur MILF/housewife nude model.

visit – Soft Sound Stories and Pictures for Adults

visit – Soft erotica for loving couples

visit – Practical & Simple Midlife Sex Tips for Married Couples & Life-long Loving Relationships

She desperately looked for a real job ever since she gave up her career before the XX-th century belonged to history. Now — finally — she is comfortable with the title of “nude model.” Did I say “real job” or “online job” or should I say “real online job?” Because in her more and more daring offline world she never brags about her new job to her relatives and friends (with few remarkable rare exceptions).

The future will tell how far shall we go. One thing is for certain: that we won’t bring a third-party in our sex life. Why? Because this is our exclusive connection, it is what separates us from society, what makes Doris unique (along with few other awesome things about her) — indeed she became an object of fantasy and lust for many men now, but she remains a one-man exhibitionist lady.

Of course, expanding our boundaries (we just did that with these adult sites)  makes you think that, after another two years, we’ll come back to write here yet another update: that we tried swinging and, hell, how good it feels, blah, blah, blah…

Keeping raving fantasies away, in a bubble world, from reality is not easy but doable. The same way as entropy is easy, goes by default, same is temptation: you have nothing to do, just fall and further fall to the call of entropy and seductive luring lies. Creating information and developing an organized mind is akin to the making of LIFE out of a dead and dying entropic universe. Physics is more about destruction and annihilation while biology is more about construction and creation. The former drives you downhill, the latter asks you for a ride uphill. Which way are we going then?

Guess what? We want uphill!

By social standards we may be labeled as depraved or decadent or be despised as pornographers and whatnot. By spiritual standards we gave in to the numerous midlife temptations while placing them into a sandbox — our secret online existence where the utmost of touching ends at the computer screen. Thus we placed the daemons in the box. Go read Doris’ erotic fiction to get the thrill of playing with fire. It all stays in the realm of literature, daydreaming and discharging in a text editor. The place where our hard-core fantasies are consumed.

By virtue we know that being true to ourselves, being open and sincere to the readers, is what keeps us healthy. And this is the exact point of this site — — or are we missing something?

Lying about or hiding from our quirks will not make them go away. But writing and publishing about them in the open will do just that: cutting them out of our minds and pasting them into this online box of daemons.

If you enjoy reading this kind of prose: “More Women for My Man,” then dare on for the following chapters and go have a peek at the naked author’s body.

An open-online marriage can be perfectly secluded at the same time, like ours is.

Let’s trustfully step into the future, it definitely belongs to us. I guess…

Don Dawn – webmaster, photographer, coder and GIMP-er for the love of his life:

Doris Dawn – Happily married cougar bunny and true amateur MILF/housewife nude model.

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