House Chores in the Nude

Hurray! The most expected Monday of this summer will be upon us right after this weekend. It will begin with a special early morning humming. Yes! That one that animated your house every school day until June. Now it will return with a rejuvenated frenzy. Sunday evening kids will go to bed earlier, about 8pm and will wake up before 7am, or even before 6am — according to how far away their school is. And the best thing is that before 8am silence will rule supreme over your house and garden.

Hubby will take his bike to accompany the twins, each on their own new — BIGGER — bikes, to their new gymnasium. This chore will go for him through September, said I, or it will end as soon as they’ll get accustomed with this simple routine, says he. Don took his time to train them well during the summer vacation. He is confident that they’ll be able to manage their relative independence in no time. Me? You know how mothers think. I weep for the one moving out to the campus and worry for the soliciting school year that expects our other grown up kid. For me they remain little babies. But reason — and hubby — are telling me that the best I can do is say a prayer and let them fly.

Staying at home and working from home can be fun. But working from home, together with hubby, is not just developing web apps, managing data bases and chasing security bugs, not at all. I, for one, have to do the laundry, the dishes, prepare the breakfast and the lunch — all according to our slow food kitchen and naturist diet. Besides this I have to relax and recharge my batteries with my gardening hobby. He may stay all day long under his laptop, or in front of that darn desktop, but I can’t, time would stop if I did.

September is one of my favorite months of the year, for the aforementioned reasons and for a couple more. First is that we return to our regular home alone nude mornings. The naked skin lifestyle is an excellent health remedy, especially when kind temperatures allow us to walk, and work, in the nude around the backyard and the garden.

Second because I’ll regain my mental space to scream as loud as I wish during my orgasms. No one will be at home to hear me, just hubby who’s anyway in the middle of things. Oh, the neighbors? They both have hearing difficulties, or at least they so pretend. And what if they hear me? I suspect this turns them on and their wives can only thank me…

All in all, the morale of this blog is that September is an excellent month for soccer moms and housewives all across the Northern Hemisphere to start doing house chores in the nude. It frees your mind and elevates your spirit.

Foot note: if among your house chores there are activities requiring protection, don’t hesitate to dress accordingly for the duration of the respective chore. Protect your skin and your health!

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