Shy Strip in the Morning Sunshine


Mid June of 2008. Doris agrees for a morning strip tease in the backyard, near her beloved clematis and other colorful lilies.










Because she had to stop at the panties, I was invited inside and allowed to shoot some more snaps while she playfully offered me a blow job. Those pictures remain private, of course.

Liked her vintage casual housewife hairstyle? Doris is a lovely mature cougar bunny with an ever growing appetite for posing nude. Peep more into Doris’ private sex life at

4 thoughts on “Shy Strip in the Morning Sunshine

    1. Hah, INDEED! Let me tell you a bit about our afternoon quickie. This week kids derailed her regular chores for the autumn preparation of the garden and the house. Stress peaks aren’t exactly something enjoyable. I kept calling her for an afternoon nap and promised to show her “Episodes” with Matt LeBlanc – she usually snaps the comedy bait to sleep while watching. Said that twins will go to their piano hour together because the gal is really ambitious, won’t give up practice even if she can play only with one hand. Oh good, I said, and had Doris cuddle near me to watch the episode. Seemed that she wanted more cuddling than comedy. AND THEN it dawned on me: we were HOME ALONE! She was up for something. A fuck? I asked. Nope, she replied, as always. Then a lick will do?, said I, to restart your hormones after all that stress. She didn’t say no. So I dived. In the tonguing process I heard her that she wants my dick in her mouth. So I let her take my bermudas off. 69. As she came closer to orgasm I could feel her lips – slightly her teeth – pressing on my shaft. When she released then she hardly could refrain from biting it. What happened to her hardened me and then she asked for a fuck. I saw it coming. After I offered her the second rounding orgasm, she asked to see the rest of the episode. I got out and obliged while she helped me with the hand job. After the 25 minutes episode run she dressed and went back to her garden. Thus she missed her afternoon nap. Lucky me!


  1. Don
    Awesome story! It makes me hard just reading it!I keep imagining seeing that all happening!!! I know Doris doesn’t want you to release any pics so I’m waiting patiently. I can only hope she will say yes someday!


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