School Day or Labor Day?

I know that in the US today is Labor Day — wish a Happy Labor Day to all my American readers! Time ago, I have learned about this holiday from Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill) who specially preserved the hardened lard from the previous Labor Day deep inside his grill machine for the entire year, as (said he) that gave a particular taste to the fried burgers. Well, “Married… With Children” remains one of my preferred sitcoms.

Today, in our corner of Middle Europe, is School Day, which to us means that we are — as always — “Married” but for the entire morning (and most of the mornings until next June) we’re gonna be “WithOUT Children.” In other words: JUST married, and home alone to exchange our sexual lusts and fantasies.

Here it is how it began: After I have warmly waved long enough to our twins heading for their school, I finally locked the gate and took my smile to the house. Hubby stood already naked in the frame of the kitchen door. “Time to rock, baby!”

“Not so fast, Don. You first take your camera while I’ll take my pink swimsuit and we go out in the nature for a new photoshooting.”

“Deal!” He replied with a short but expressive laugh.

Ensued over 200 photos that we decided to divide in three parts. Not sure yet if we’re gonna publish them consecutively, in a row, or if we should insert one or two prior galleries in between…

Taken this morning, September 3, 2012, in our backyard.

The rest of the story — and the galleries for sure — are part of the Sensual Erotic Goodies on my adult site

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