A Comic Party About Online Masturbation

There are things in life that you hear about from others and then you ALWAYS say to yourself: “This will never happen to me!”

Well, sometimes it happens to you, and then you say out loud: “I never thought this will happen to me!”

Here I am blogging to you: “It happened to me!”

“What? What? Did you get laid in public? Are you naked on the cover of a magazine? Or did you see your poster-size photo on the side of a NYC bus with a graffiti sprayed cock pointing to your mouth in awe? Did you… ? Have you… ? … …”

I bet you’ll never guess what I’m gonna tell you that it happened to me last Saturday. Do you know why?

Because you think of Doris, that’s why. Sure, this is good,  I love when you think of her and when you come to visit our sites. More and more often. But when you come all of a sudden then your vibe gives more than a shiver of excitement around Doris’ navel. You give me (I’m Don, the one shooting the photos, the man behind the camera) the vibrant emotions of the jolting stats bars.

Saturday all this statistical satire turned into a tsunami, an earthquake, a tempest.

I did the mistake of underestimating the traffic power of the Yellow Pages of Porn and thus my lovely wife’s personal adult site — DorisDawn.comgot slashdotted!

It happened to me: I managed to crash an entire server with a single link! 

Technically yours, Don

PS – Doris will blog on HSIM from her perspective about our hot server Saturday.

PPS – All was up and humming back to normal by Sunday 3am CET. On a new server, of course…


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