Q&As: What’s Clean to Eat?

Question: “I assume by your last study that you believe eating pork and shellfish is wrong for Christians. And how do you understand the passages in the New Testament which seem to declare all foods as clean (e.g. Mark 7:19)?”

Answer: You assume right about pork and shellfish, because I believe in obeying the Scriptures as best as I can. There are no passages that change the genetic makeup of either swine or ocean janitors, i.e., shellfish. And no where does the Lord change any of His life-laws or health-laws.

Just as He created the Rest Day for humans (Mark 2.27), He also gave us health laws for our own general health. Nobody knows today what actually is the seventh day of the week, because the calendars have not always been kept and furthermore the Catholic “Trinity Inventors” changed the days to follow the pagan calendar, so that no one can trace the original day down; but what the Lord meant anyway is for us to take one day of the week off and rest. Does that not make sense? It’s a health law — when the human body rests it repairs itself from internal injuries caused from physical labor.

Naturally, along with a New Contract there are changes. The Lord’s Cross-work abolished all rituals and sacrifices — but still, no law was abolished. No health rule was abolished. Only things that had to do with how we approached the Lord and how we honored Him, etc., were abolished. Before, of course, our people were to approach the Lord through the priesthood; now we have One High Priest Whom we are able to approach directly (Hebrews 2.17; 3.1; 4.14; 7.26; 8.1; 9.11; 9.25), and He guides us and has forgiven us.

Regarding so-called passages that tell “Christians” they can eat anything, you should read this one, because it is the most famous of them all (I Timothy 4.3). And you will see that Paul is speaking of “foods that the Ever-Living created to be eaten.” Clearly, all foods He did not create to eat. The subject most often in these passages is whether believers could eat food that had been sacrificed to idols, because often this food was later taken away from the idol and sold.

Hogs were created as sewers, and they also carry a dangerous heat-resistant parasite. By heat-resistant, I mean that to kill it by heating it you have to cook the meat passed its being edible. Hogs are the only known land animals that can (and will) subsist off their own dung. You are what you eat, you know.

The Hellenists always looked at shellfish as the ocean’s janitors. They are the third from the last safety net for keeping the oceans clean, salt being the next and the oceans’ tides being the last. Shellfish eat fish dung and algae and other things that must be held down for the oceans to remain clean and produce food for its own animal and plant world and for us. They also eat raw sewage that foolish humans dump into the seas.

This past summer here at my winter home, we had another bout with what they call “the red tide.” It is a monstrous overgrowth of algae brought about by there not being enough shellfish to keep it eaten down. It comes up into the intra-coastal waterways and smothers fish — millions of them. You can read about it here, and this site will also give you an idea why shellfish kill hundreds of thousands of people every year:


According to Forbes Magazine another several million people get sick from eating shellfish every year — and yet, don’t relate it to having eaten shellfish.

This winter there are very few pelicans here and we’ve not seen the first dolphin! They have no food. Normally, the intra-coastals are full of fish and dolphin and pelicans are plentiful. They have, however, had to move on to other feeding grounds.

We ought not eat shellfish because the Lord told us not to, and He did not create them as food for humans, just as He didn’t create dogs and cats and elephants to be eaten; and there are many reasons otherwise that we shouldn’t eat them.

Everything is what it eats, and shellfish eat things that we don’t want to consume. They are also big helpers for keeping the environment clean — the Lord will not be mocked. If we break His guidelines for living on this earth in the flesh, we do pay a negative price for doing so.

I can tell you what He said to do (and most often why He said to do it), because I’ve studied every morsel of what He said over and over and have taken It to the degree of going outside the Scriptures to see what the effects are if we don’t listen to Him. But after I inform people about what He reasoned for us to do for our own good, I really don’t care what they do. If they want to eat dung, then they can have at it as far as I’m concerned. I hope for them to do the right thing; but our history shows that most often our people will not listen to their Creator. They follow what their enemies tell them and where their lusts lead them.

We have friends here whom we’ve told about shellfish, and yet they chow down every week, and it doesn’t bother us at all. They are sick rather often and all have arthritis and other joint problems; but they’re still our friends, although we do rag them every now and then for being “dung eaters” –but not when they’re eating their janitors!

And shellfish are not the only dangerous fish to consume. Any fish that the Lord said not to eat is dangerous. Take tuna and swordfish — two delicacies, right? Well, the US Government completed a study to see which fish were carrying dangerous levels of the toxic metal mercury — and voila, tuna and swordfish came in first.

However, the fish that have scales and fins (the scales protect them from getting their meat infected from outside parasites; and fish with fins swim far out to fresh deep water to feed — where it’s not polluted) had only arcminute amounts of mercury.

Trust me, I am au courant on what the Lord wants us to do and not do, for I don’t want any part of displeasing Him. Not because I’m afraid of Him; but because I want to please Him. I want to please every one that I love and that loves me — especially Him. Don’t you?

However, it’s not a bad idea after knowing what His laws and rules are not to mock Him. (II Chronicles 36.16 & Galatians 6.7)

As always, Ruddy

3 thoughts on “Q&As: What’s Clean to Eat?

    1. Chicken and turkey make practically most of the meat we eat. An interesting note to make is that farm chicken (from friends we know what they feed them with) have yellow skin and taste much better than pale skinned poultry we have to buy from the markets. Also when I make the soup with the latter then it bubbles excessively as if the market meat were loaded with detergent. Funny and scary…


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