Idiocracy or Inception?

Have you watched the movie Idiocracy? If not, then it’s time to. If yes, then make time to watch it again, or just remember the gist of it. An average guy, played by Luke Wilson, from a majestic pile of garbage lands right in the middle of the American society carefully scripted five hundred years into the future (not to offend today’s sensitive egos maybe).

The juice of this outstanding comedy sends us a bitter message. Accentuating the lack of education, I mean of high quality standards education, and stressing the need for social conformity to the degree that a compliant person is equated to an “educated” one, this is the recipe for utter failure. The satire in this movie has the means to reach everyone’s mind and even tinker a bit with it. Because when you ask yourself abstract questions after watching a movie, if you wish to watch it again so that you may patch the missing details together with another portion of laughter, then you can tell what an excellent movie that was. The less amusing side of it is when you have to deal with similar issues in the real present.

Another movie that made me think, maybe too much, is Inception. Yes, that one with Leonardo DiCaprio. This is no comedy and no satire but a drama, and what a drama! Like with the cryogenic sarcophagus that preserved Luke Wilson to walk the moronic streets of 2500-something, we’ll omit the chemical intravenous drugs taking Leonardo DiCaprio and his pals to lots of action in dreamland. The message of “Inception” pertains not as much with the future as it does with the past. Actually time-as-we-know-it doesn’t matter in the construct of this story. And if an “architect” can build a world of dreams for others to walk and live in, then what shall we ponder about the immediate reality? No spoilers made — although the movie is old enough to be cataloged with the classics — but this existential dilemma is contemplated by almost every character in the movie. As opposed to “Idiocracy,” the characters of “Inception” have the faculty of abstract thinking. You may even wonder why on earth have I enumerated these two films in one phrase. Here’s why.

If Doris has her “intellectual porn” adult site, why won’t Don have his own clever porn site? If Doris blogs from a woman’s perspective, why not Don opening a “men’s corner” on topics that may be as hot for dirty old men as the menopause and mothering is for mature cougar bunnies. Men have bodies too and these require an amount of maintenance, good caring, so we can keep up with the ever-increasing demands for higher, faster, frequenter, sex performance. Or else our bunnies might just look down the ladder for younger male flesh, reducing us to mere voyeurs and photographers.

Sure, entropy will eventually prevail, but not so fast! This depends on how well we — men and women alike — understand to adopt and follow a healthy lifestyle.

The mainstream offers abound in questionable and deceiving propositions. We are told (repeatedly) that margarine lowers cholesterol but we are not told that there are many types of cholesterol — out of which only some are bad, the rest are good — and we are not even warned (like the tobacco industry does) about the poisoning effects of transfats – which make margarine being margarine.

The mainstream finally got wind of the decades-old criminal pursuits of the sugar industry and, instead of presenting the scientific truth (just the facts), the mainstream slapped a partisan label on the no-sugar lifestyle. You gotta eat bacon to be a conservative and if you’re against consuming liquid colored sugars then you’re definitely one of those darn liberals.

The mainstream pushed the myth of human induced global warming on planet earth to such an extend that one like me, who isn’t buying this hogwash, is looked down as if believing there are aliens out there (which incidentally will be shortly confirmed, just not in their Hollywood sub-human petty green-gum expression). Even Jules Verne knew that there was an open sea behind the ice cap to the North — the smoking volcano remains just a literary invention though. In short, there’s more to the solar system’s climate cycles than one year on the earth and eleven years on the sun (which are earth-years by the way; what’s a sun-year then?). Scientists are aware of the 150 years (or so) warming cycle that we’re entering. But the mainstream purposefully ignores science because it has a mission. Yes, the man (or woman) with a mission can prove very dangerous. Don’t trust the person coming to you and saying “I’m from the government and I am here to help.”  It’s just a polite way of telling you to obey, or step aside, so “the mission” can move on. In a world of lunatics, this may actually help, but in a world of free individual thinkers, this is the recipe for disaster.

You sure have heard about holistic health, about holistic approaches to a problem, or interdisciplinarity — to steal a mainstream term. So how about having a site where men can share knowledge about physical and spiritual health, about science and technology, about women, sex and porn (erotica! — shouts Doris, she wants to coin the more elevated term; I can understand her). We are influenced by the environment (natural or artificial) in as many ways as our complex body-soul system can interact with (regardless if we’re conscious or not about the interaction). But the mainstream is out on a mission. The mantra is to sell something, or to force something down your throat. Either lure you or force you in, doesn’t matter if you blindly follow or comply.

Mainstream porn sells you the fucking segment of sex, not on par with the loving, careful touching and constant communication that give us a holistic perspective on what sex is. Mainstream economy sells you any crap at costs a few parsecs higher than its real value. Mainstream politics sells you a monumental utopia at the cost of your freedom to think with your own mind, to be yourself. Like in “Idiocracy” — where water was good only to flush the toilets (integrated in the tv-chair set), where style and fashion were replaced by Plain Jane clothes printed all over with stupid ads, where the president-elect was an ex-porn star with a great smile who pierced walls in the White House to expedite boring sittings.

Opposed to this “idiocratic” outer world, I often run for an escape in “Inception” (no drugs used, they damage my holistic health!) where I have Doris roaming and playing nude, where I can find many streams and no mainstream. Once in a while I sit and think: What if this universe is the construct of a dream? What if the Architect of this dream talks to us, His dream-pals, in a whole many ways but we can’t figure the whole? What if?

Yours truly,

Don Dawn, from his dream site

2 thoughts on “Idiocracy or Inception?

  1. Don
    Doris said that our fantasies run very close from this article I see that. Also I see we agree on a lot of other points. The letter I wrote to Doris showed that my idea of erotica also included her. I wanted her to give to me freely. Not me just takesex and be done. Almost like a rapist!


    1. Hey Pappy,
      I’m pleased to see that we’re on the same page on other points, besides the basic instinct matters — oh, that spreading of Sharon Stone!, can’t get it out of my mind.

      As for Doris, just give her time and she will give more freely. You don’t know how she was when the kids were little. But I do and I can say that she’s gone a long long way. She matured in understanding that erotica is a healthy subject for both men and women. Your thoughts, expressed in your comments and compliments, testify to this line of thinking.


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