Sharon Stone, Out of My Mind?

Early on this morning, Doris took her time on her computer and stumbled upon my comment reply to Pappy about how I cannot get Sharon Stone out of my mind. Now go figure! She (Doris) woke me up and nicely asked me how’s that? How’s what? — I said in a sort of half-sleep. “How’s that you can’t get Sharon Stone legs spreading out of your mind?” — she repeated. And I woke up, addressing myself the same question: why can’t I get rid of that memorable image from “Basic Instinct” where Sharon Stone, wearing no panties and sitting in the spotlight in front of the entire police force, flipped her legs with an obvious intent and a lascivious slow motion that even a blind man could notice her camel toe.

Indeed, how’s that? Why can’t I replace that 20 years-old image with the abundant poses offered to me by Doris? Why can’t I pick one, or two, from the Gigabytes of photos with Doris and get over Sharon Stone once and for all?

Redundant questions and a minute or so to boot up my brains returned the answer. It is that Sharon Stone played the character of an evil criminal woman. A psychotic lesbian playing bi-sexual only to lure in the idiotic men and — while cowgirl riding them — to repeatedly pierce them with an ice pick as they came in her. That character may be the human sophistication of a natural she-spider eating her mates. But what goes for spiders can’t go for people. A sane mind would usually apply the reverse of emulation between these two opposite creatures. Humans copying the behavior of spiders are usually subject to a serious mental disorder.

Now Doris, think it over, how could I replace the image of a spider-woman with any of yours? She is a devil and you are an angel. You are by no means interchangeable. This is why I can’t get rid of that scene, because it’s meant to stay there as a beacon warning of murky waters, where NO MAN should steer his sail.

Doris knows too well that a man’s mind can be roamed by images of many women — this is an undeniable part of our basic instinct. She knows all my fantasies because I talk to her about them. This is what gave her a “free ticket” inside the “Men’s Club” where she learned so much — first and foremost about our incommensurable manly stupidity when it comes to understanding the soul of a woman.

See? I’m not bragging that I can fully understand Doris. But I love her beyond myself, telling her this all the time, telling her anything that she wants to know (and even some things that she preferred not to) and giving myself to her. Oh my, this is what those poor guys did in “Basic Instinct” when they allowed Sharon Stone to bond them to the bed…


6 thoughts on “Sharon Stone, Out of My Mind?

  1. Don
    I under stand exactly what you are saying. My problem now is I can’t get the image of your Doris the angel spreading her legs! She is so much more desirable than Sharon Stone. I can’t get enough !


    1. Yeah, she mailed you some, I guess. And she also told me to mail you the movie… I’ll do that tomorrow, after running some errands. Thanks again for the compliments to Doris, I totally agree with you!!!


    1. Don’t know for sure. Maybe some instinct – like the animals. And starting from this we’re building artistic abstractions with our minds – because we’re more than animals… Still there’s the place where we gotta stick our dick, methinks…


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