From Borat to Aladeen

Think that I got nuts and starting to blog more about movies than our personal lives. Okay, just to keep you updated with our lives: the day before yesterday, one of the twins had a bike accident and broke her right hand. Yesterday Doris spent hours with her at the clinic before she got a plaster, a handful of papers and a bag of medicine to take her home with. It’s not such a big deal, says the man, this is what happens through the unsuspecting instant when gravity and inertia are not mentally accounted for. “It’s a very big deal!,” says Doris, because she can’t play the piano (could she in the future 😯 ??) for weeks, and her writing will have to suffer, and her school tests, and her pain. Yes, this is true, the pain was there and no one wanted her to suffer. At least we all hope that she learns from this experience.

What concerns me is not to reenact Doris’ spring drama which ended with a panic attack on her and a night in hospital. She began tailspinning two months before when the other twin broke his leg. So I have lots of domestic-politics and negotiations to trade amongst kids and their mom in order to have everyone happy and the mom still sane!

Not to name more physical chores piling up on Doris. And I won’t even mention that because it may entirely ruin my “dirty old men” Borat-related blogging theme. Back to Borat then!

Have you watched the movie? I did but not to the end, or not entirely to the end of it. I skipped several scenes not to throw up and several others because of the ache I accused inside my head, and chest. However I liked this movie as the great satire it makes against pedantry and all-over-the-world idiosyncrasies. Because, from Kazakhstan to New York, any society has developed a set of myths and taboos. Some are good and some bad, or some were bad and turned out to eventually provide some value, or others were initially positive but oral traditions worn them out into ridiculous.

To me, Borat is an incomplete documentary about the grotesque of the human comedy. If, for some outstanding reasons, you are a person of highly moral standards, a super hero, a puritan or something to that effect, you won’t gain any wisdom from watching Borat, so don’t! I may wonder why on earth are you reading my blog? But if you are a sinner (like I am) and if you got so far reading my nonsense, then you probably have seen the adventures of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s “divine comedy” went from Borat to Brüno, and this was such a low that made me wonder if what I knew before watching that movie wasn’t actually maiden innocence. Again, I couldn’t stand scenes of Brüno to a greater extent than scenes of Borat. If I wish to shock someone then I’ll give him Borat, but if I wish to scare the life out of someone, then Brüno is the recommended piece. More digging through it in the “Dirty Mind” section of my private garden.

And there comes “The Dictator” featuring the same actor as an imaginary Aladeen modern tyrant. If you haven’t lived under a rock for the past forty years, then you’ll recognize Kadafi, or Geddafi, or Gaddafi, or Qaddafi, Gadafy, etc. etc. Thanks to Sacha Baron Cohen we may just call him by his real nickname: Aladeen, Supreme Leader of Republic of Wadiya!

I recommend you watch “The Dictator” even if you consider yourself a puritan or a super hero of some sorts. It’s perhaps one of the most encompassing satires of modern society, deriding about everything from politics to sexual habits, unveiling the evils behind essentially good deeds but at the same time revealing the intimate mechanisms of evil constructs — sometimes just scarecrows in the desert. This film ponders the ardent decisions about world peace against the innocence of masturbation, the green joke ideals of a clean planet against the fact that no one can make it clean on this planet, after all.

Won’t spoil you with the happy ending of “The Dictator” — yet another irony of fate. I enjoyed watching this film because it has sex, politics, sarcasm, humor, it makes you think. I didn’t like the few anal topics but hey: it’s Borat, after all! What would you expect?

In this while, Doris returned from the clinic with the little one (yes, they had to check in today as well) and everyone’s happy. Good having public service doctors at hand to comfort the shocking stress out a bit. Was that an “aladeen” or, to the contrary, yet another “aladeen” statement? You find out!


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