Playful Shy Bunny in the Mirror

You may notice that I had no makeup in this photo set, no eye contour, no lipstick, nothing on my face to force the age down and the image up. This is part of my shyness that I’m allowing Don to expose. I don’t know if it’s a turn on to open myself in all unmasked honesty. Wrinkles are visible, yes. And what should I gain by hiding them? Will they disappear? I can hardly believe that paint and powder will do that, but some excellent creams proved to be so effective in “repairing” my wrinkles — to some extent. Let not speak about the positive mood and the wonderful food.

From an erotic perspective, this set can be considered mild and maybe softer than the semi transparent silky scarf that I use to cover my pussy with. I like to gently tease you, allowing more time for your thoughts to grow an imagination of what goes behind the scarf. In short: I want you to softly undress me with your eyes, to reveal my nudity in tiny shy bits, to build a tension.

Why all of this? Now let’s do an experiment: go google for some fast porn and jack it off to a shallow orgasm, rapid release of sperm, hasty return to your problems. Or just remember one such episode that you had once, or twice? I’ve talked about this type of masturbation with hubby yesterday and he reminded me how much he hated the ensuing half-baked orgasms. He even said that sometimes it ached his head an hour or two after ejaculation and that he tries to stay away from quickie masturbation as much as possible.

What I’m offering you here is exactly the opposite: slowly uncover my shy nudity with your thoughts, then go on and imagine that you enter the picture and… well… guess that you know better than me what to imagine further on… My plan is to have you hooked up on the concept of slow masturbation, to remind you to take your time when doing something, be it jacking off or eating or working. Think it through, act carefully and do it with plenty of time for the best comforting results. It works wonders for your orgasms!

And naturally that all your rehearsals with my Virtual and Sensual Erotic Goodies are like a mental and physical balance that will give you much more educated pleasure when you’ll enter the TRUE SCENE with your REAL WOMAN in your REAL LIFE: talk to her, kiss her whenever you approach her, caress her hips and her butts, cuddle her, gently get her wet and then — ONLY THEN — thrust for penetration. Let’s see who’s gonna yell louder when orgasms will storm in your love-making!


Playful shy bunny stripping in the mirror. Sign in for the galleries.



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