Just Published my First Erotic Film

Giving this film away for free!

You may figure that this is not my first erotic film, it’s just the first that I dared have published! But let’s take a ride back into the ’90s, somewhere in the middle of that frantic decade, when hubby bought a video camera. It was a bulky VHS camera, weighing several kilograms, with a handle and a shoulder support. One night, while we were making love — guess I was riding him — he asked me to stop, not to move and wait for a minute. Hm, odd, isn’t it? Right in the middle of complimenting my shapes and deeds he phases out of the bed to open the doors at the wardrobe and dig in for his new clumsy camera, resting in a precious black bag.

After mounting the battery and turning it on, he walked around filming me naked, sitting on my knees in the middle of our wet and busy marriage bed, then he slipped himself back between my legs, staring at me of a hectic manner with just his left eye — as the right one probably saw me in black and white, through the innards of that monstrous device. For an instant, I had the feeling that I’m fucking with the Borg! Oh my, oh my…

He even handed me the “Borg” device to film from my perspective. I did that because I noticed how much of a turn-on it was for him. But for me it was sort of irritation. I asked him to erase the tape immediately after we reviewed, on the TV, our first home porn movie ever. Lighting wasn’t really bad because that old camera was equipped with a retractable, and quite powerful, light projector. I even burned my fingers when incidentally touching it, ouch! But our acting was non-existent. We didn’t act at all! Actually we performed our typical nightly love lives, bit altered by the black SONY intruder — me slightly annoyed, he overly excited. Afterwards, we tried filming our love-making for a couple more disparate nights, erasing all traces each time — out of an immense feeling of shame 😳

Fast forward across some difficult years and in 2006 he talks me in for a new home erotica very short clip. This time involving, between me and him, a tiny soap-box-like digital camera. I found it cute and — unlike a decade ago — I was much more eager to see how do I look on film, naked! Hey, once you enter your 40s, this may become one element of preoccupation. What I saw on the monitor of his laptop was not exactly what I had expected. The lighting was such a mess this time. No more projector. Yes!, let’s blame the lighting.

And ever since, I encouraged my hubby to film me naked once in a while so I can “check myself,” or my body image… The film I’ve posted today among my Sensual Erotic Goodies was taken couple weeks ago, without rehearsal, in one shot. Probably that’s “The” rehearsal, you tell me. Did I act in it? Or am I natural? About acting as opposed to being myself, will write more in another blog, on HSIM maybe.

Enjoy the 5 minutes + clip on the sounds of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Little Serenade!

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