Opening My Legs, Decadence?

Many readers, and viewers (mind you), expect from me, and from my hubby, to present scenes that are more hard-core. We didn’t want that, at least me; this was not our initial goal. What we’re pursuing with our healthy sex in marriage cloud of adult, and — is sharing valuable information about how to live a healthy life; which implies having plenty of lovely sex. I’m not eager to expose our moments of intercourse! There’s a fair number of gals and couples doing just that all over the web.

But tonight it happened! He posted a picture, disguised as a comic, but the pic is real–not painted, in which we’re intimately coupled during our love-making. It also happened that I sighed about being “upset of how low my debasement has gone,” which triggered a painful mechanism clenching his heart in pain, then breaking mine as a response to his suffering, then having my mind tailspin into the abyss of anxiety, then having him recover from his aches to cover me with his warm body, to give me a Valerian-based sedative, asking me to forgive his retraction and asking me if he may comfort my pussy with his tongue until I’ll get better. I was game, scared like hell not to go, again, to the hospital — as it happened in spring when they diagnosed me with a panic attack (I began to notice a pattern between a kid breaking his, or her, limb and me getting a panic attack several weeks later).

So we made love with a desperate passion! His tongue was like a blessed balm on my labia and clit, chasing the cold shivers out of my body. Shortly I’ve asked for a sixty-nine because I felt a strong desire to taste his manhood inside my mouth, to suck on it until he gets hard and begins a gentle thrust, deeper and deeper, in a calm and methodic quest for my throat. He usually avoids getting there not to have me gagging, but tonight I wanted him to reach my tonsils, just a little bit. Thus I embraced his tight ass and pushed my head up against his crotch. It was a superb moment of vulnerability, of giving up to his power over me, of coming back from my insecurities. Yes, interesting how an instant of complete humiliation can lift your spirit up on the scale of confidence. I hadn’t much time for gagging myself because his playful tongue approached the climax on my soaring clit, with his chin rhythmically pressing against my pubis. When I’m tossed out over the steaming sea of orgasms, then I gather the presence of spirit, while still conscious, to pull his dick out of my mouth because I fear that I could bite him, unwillingly. That’s a thing too precious to harm πŸ˜€

When I was done trembling (of heat, this time), I asked him to fuck me. And so he did until I came again. Then we fell asleep cuddling in front of a silly comedy show with a pink fat and funny lass from Marzahn. I remember him whispering to me: “If she is so happy in her skin, why wouldn’t you be?”

Around 2am he woke me up to drink my glass of warm water with purified clay — for the regular liver cleanse. Then I cuddled till I fell asleep under his shoulder as he worked on his laptop, on the same intercourse picture that burst our autumnal stress buildup.

Around 5am he wakes me up to drink more warm water, this time washing my morning enzymes down with it. And I said to him, “How do you want to come?” Remember that I came twice in the evening — well, in two rounds because I come in waves not in jets — and he didn’t come ever since yesterday morning.

He replied that it doesn’t matter, what counts is taking care of me, so I can sleep if I want, while he’s gonna talk to the hand one more time. His hand always delivers. I know this too well, but I won’t leave him by himself right now, after our night of shock and awe…

So I asked for another sixty-nine, then for a morning fuck. Shortly after he delivered me again to the peaks of pleasure-land, I tried, as many times before, to have him come in me. But that’s a years-long dread of his. Eventually he came on my belly (see the pictures). Then he went to give me some more caps of that same Valerian-based sedative; then he prepared our oat meal breakfast, with a sliced banana and a couple of cups of green “Gunpowder” tea to wash the supplements down our throats.

Good morning to our first Sunday of November!

The Social Porn Rules of Decadence

Was at the church with the twins, then went shopping with hubby, then prepared lunch, now back to my opinions on subjects of decadence.

Erotica is an essential part of marriage. There cannot be a happy and long-lasting — life-lasting — marriage (between a normal healthy man and a normal healthy woman) without the sexual foundation of inventive, interesting, always exciting copulation. Sex is the carnal binding between the souls of a man and his woman. It’s the ideal healer of inherent scars that soul mates scratch on each other as a result brought in by the toll of life. Sex is the realm of refuge, the ocean of peace where you take your lover to dwell and recharge to face another day.

But society evolved (involved?) to a skewed set of rules and regulations that eventually walled the subject of erotica into a distant and dark corner of a decadent sub-culture. The main reason for doing this is to protect the pristine minds of minors, and this should be the single righteous factor for walling the adult-oriented art and literature. Just think it over what if the Curious Case of Benjamin Button would have been the norm? The absurd and the bizarre is rooted way beyond biology, most likely sipping still from ancestral evils of the human (fallen) spirit.

This gives us no other choice than to carry the burden of being catalogued as “porn characters” for sharing our lovely marriage life in all its honesty. On a “normal” web site, I can’t write about my sexual life without having to constrain myself, without hiding (and maybe lying by omission). If I wish to tell the whole story with no strings attached, then I have to do that be it on my sites with the BIG 18+ WARNING, or on other sites, situated as well under the 18+ WARNING, where I speak and show myself to a preponderant MALE AUDIENCE, arriving there especially to masturbate. Which brings us back to those bloody regulatory walls. Among these many walls, the 18+ age wall is by all means the one that must be kept in place because, to my knowledge, Benjamin Button has already died and there’s no such species left on the face of the earth.

But how about the other “wall” that has us — “pornsters” — refrain from talking about the crucial importance of lifestyle change, eating healthy organic foods, supplementing with minerals and vitamins that are missing from modern aliments, and on and on? It is, to my guessing, about the typical confusion in people’s minds: because everything is a “pill,” this “means” that Viagra (I’m even afraid to write down this spamming word!), and other similar synthetic drugs, is the “same thing” with MSM or Co Q10 or fish oil. This is insane, but it’s also “true” — in the mind of many, including the regulators.

Hence we’ve been walled again: it’s alright to expose your fucking habits (within the 18+ walled area) but don’t tell how you keep yourself fit to “perform” or, if you wish, go on and inform the audience about the outstanding results of Ubiquinol (for instance) but don’t put your pussy nearby or else the companies would report your site as “inappropriate.” For whom? The young ones don’t need to take Ubiquinol, because the body production of Co Q10 is on the rise in their bodies, it declines only after reaching the age of thirty. However the advertisers are merciless, on both sides of the walls.

But who cares? After all, the boys just want to jack off and the gals only want to stay fit. Who cares that they’re driven, like cattle, to separate stables. You can’t have a holistic approach on lifestyle matters, including nutrition, supplementing, body cleansing, spiritual and sexual healing. Toxins and parasites are our enemies on par with the stress forced on us by the big cities. Decadence indeed — obvious on one side of the wall and not so veiled on the other.

Okay, done with venting my spleen on social wrongs. If you liked what you’ve read, then consider viewing some more of me at — and remember that every image captures an instant but consists of years and years of refraining from evils erroneously associated with frequent sex. In short, sex is not a vice!

See the explicit high res version on

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  1. Doris
    This is erotica for sure. But the article you write is also vitally important to all who are interested in a romantic night with our partners! Seeing these images might help start that night!

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