The Penis Test, Make Eye Contact

This is not new and I was there, done that. It’s about you — the macho man — measuring how fat you are by a very simple test. Can you see your dick when you pee? Is your beer belly round and wide enough to cover the view of your hand down there holding your precious body fellow?

Further on, peeing like peeing, but when you jack off I bet you’d wish to stare at least at the head of your dick. Sure, you may do this in front of the mirror and Voila! Problem solved. Or you may masturbate in front of a running camera, then play the video and see how the little man grew hard and mighty before spitting out the white sweet-bitter load.

Maybe this way you’ll become aware of how a beer belly looks from another perspective: from down under looking up!

When I had this problem, over ten years ago, I was very preoccupied that my belly got in the way of the optical field to my dear dick. As an avid masturbator, I had (and still do) an intimate connection with my cock. It’s not enough to reach it, I have to also see it, especially when ejaculating.

Guess that this feeling, together with few others, determined my staunch struggle against the extra kilograms. My sexual drive was stronger than my culinary appetite. I urgently understood to measure the value of foods according to their effects on my body, and not in accordance to the tricky monosodium glutamate tasting symphonies. So I changed drastically and rapidly (couple of months) because I couldn’t stand to live without watching my dick whenever I wished to — which is often!

Astounded, I watched a documentary titled “The Penis Test” where men in their midlife years sustained that they are proud of the beer belly they carry in front of them; that this is — to their thinking — a social status signaling prosperity and achievement for the beer belly carrier; that they don’t even plan to get rid of it.

Cruel thinking. Never thought from such a perspective. Never considered that being fat is a matter of pride. I asked around and, to my surprise, most people believe — unlike me — that a prominent round belly gives them prestige and an imposing perspective among their peers.

Okay, I’m the freak again. So be it. And, instead of starting a new diatribe about the health benefits of a flat abdomen, I’ll give you a freakish idea: how about giving oral sex? You have a bunny willing to suck your cock. You love your cock-sucking bunny more than you love yourself. Now think from her bunny perspective: what landscape do you offer to her eyes while she’s at it? Do you wish to make eye contact with her in the process?

Think it over. Here some photos that might come in handy.



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