Why Do I Pose Naked for My Birthdays?

Because on NudeInGarden.com Don started a marathon series with photos and some films taken around my 47th birthday, this September, I decided to get bit more nostalgic on DorisDawn.com and post a couple of albums from around my 44th birthday. But what determined me to make a habit from posing naked for my birthdays? Simple short answer: Don! He is the culprit,  the cause of all my happenings, good or bad. Oh!, he’s even the “magic cause of whatever goes awry” and I gotta get “a scapegoat for it…”  I guess that you figured out why I used quotation marks, because I quoted from his rants. It’s not exactly how I see it but sometimes he has it right. Sometimes!

It all began with his 40th anniversary. What present should I make him for that round occasion. Changing the prefix is no little thing. So it had to be something BIG. Alas our funds were terribly low then and the “Prime Directive” (you should know where from the quotes come) was, like today, to feed, clothe, train, educate, school, prepare the kids for their lives. All in all, I was out of ideas for a memorable present on my hubby’s 40th. What I do whenever I feel lost in the woods? Ask hubby!

So I addressed the question to him: “What present would you like from me?” He answered: “You are my present! So be present, it’s enough for me.” How sweet and heart-melting. But hey, I’m present for him every day, all the time. Plus, offering him a blowjob, or just “sex,” for his birthday would sound ridiculous, because this was also an (almost) daily practice between us. A hard decision to make. But he took it on a whim, without hesitation, “How about we do a long photo shooting, then maybe some home porn movies, then we fuck like bunnies?”

Hum, that was something NEW to me. Whenever some old camera of his went bonkers I had an unspoken breath of relief. Until he bought a new one, that is. And he just bought a little new camera for 30 Euros — including postage!

I had to agree with him on the birthday present idea, how could I not? But the shy bunny inside me wasn’t yet prepared for this kind of exhibitionism. Finally, my birthday present for him turned out to be a fabulous success  😀  — he still enjoys reviewing those pics, you may as well, if you could find them on CougarBunnies.com among my Sensual Erotic Goodies!

Three months later came my birthday and he wanted to photo shoot me again, in my birthday suit, but also exposing the presents he gave me. The tiny difference between mine and his was that I always received a material, palpable, present — modest but nonetheless. What a wife!, you may think, not even a tie? Well, he specifically told me not to buy him ties because he hates them; not to buy him an aftershave because they contain various alcohol-based compounds that harm the skin’s PH balance; no shirts because he won’t bother wear them (only when I take him to church with me, that’s twice a year: on Easter and Christmas); no this, no that. What he wants is having me pose naked for him. Men are simple beings, I can tell!

Okay, enjoy the first album. He picked even the blurry pics because he says that’s not as much about me posing in stills as about me moving in snapshots. I know he’s extremely biased on the matter so leaving this open to your judgment. Another album will follow and I hope to gather as much time to write more. Now back to vacuuming   😦


“What present would you like from me?”


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