Being Thankful: Food for Thought

Sign in for the Goodies!

In the US of America, today people celebrate Thanksgiving Day. In Europe it is just a regular workday today. But me, and hubby, are living in two parallel worlds. Guess you already know that from another perspective πŸ™‚

Today I offer to all members (not just the Americans) an album with some spreads on the table (a special treat, I assume) and many, many THANKS to you for being a member, for enjoying what I’m doing in my “parallel” life (your pleasure watching augments mine while I’m exposing); then I wish to be thankful for the innumerable blessings (yes, they are so many that I cannot count them without fearing to leave some uncounted), for hubby (who’s working like a bee to keep these adult sites of mine alive), for the kids, for being healthy and staying happy regardless of my age and… and… and… the list can go on and take me astray from the theme of this post. So I’ll say once again a Big Thank You! And invite you to download the big pics as well as frugally watching their sample thumbs in the album below.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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