A Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride to Orgasmic Heights

Yesterday, after breakfast, I wrote a letter to my lover (who happens to also be my hubby, as you know) and I wish to make it public.

Dear Don,

You gently asked me to describe the orgasms that shortly shook my body and soul through quavering peaks of pleasure.

To me, putting this into words seems close to impossible…

I cannot really detach myself out of the split of seconds in order to analyze myself and to remember exactly what I feel… to see myself riding my orgasm…

What I only know is that I sense the approach of it, the coming; that I have the power to guide the tongue frantically licking my clit; and the chin pressing on my pubic bone; that I can guide them towards the most erogenous areas — there where I need your touch to take me on the wings, to fly me away and past beyond that expected sensation, to liberate me…

Naturally, I guess, early in the morning, when seeing the layers of snow outside, I wasn’t immediately excited. My cubs had to confront this new element on their regular (but “initiatic”) way to school. Moist fresh snow and dirty brown mud. More or less well equipped with shoes adequate for this kind of elements.

But, after YOU drove the twins to their school, I felt relieved. So I decided to shovel the snow sticking on the sidewalk, and on our driveway, and over the tiny parking lot in front of our neighbor’s boutique. I thought of her, how unhappy she might have been this morning, maybe more than me?, when noticing the snow and considering the additional chore of rubbing the parking lot clean. It’s the first snow of this winter, so let me surprise her in a pleasant manner, I thought. I’m sure that she thanked us in silence.

You then took the shovel out of my hands, after you returned from your short school drive, to actually convert my intention of clearing the daunting parking lot into reality. When you freed my hands, I felt a breeze of leisure and this made me thank. Look! How favored I am. I stay at home. Larissa, by this time, is already at her workplace. She left early in the morning for the job, sailing through the slush, walking on streets that one had yet to shovel clean. And no one gives her a car drive, the way my twins were given.

The white of the snow, the shoveling sport on the street, they merrily made my morning. And I felt a state of goodness. Serotonin activated inside my brain and I wanted SEX. Now! Why wait to have breakfast? Thus, totally filled of desire, and mentally determined, I had a wonderful session of sex. In an alert and entertaining rhythm. Aww… Your organ proved big and thick enough for my receptors 🙂 … I really don’t need any surrogate or replacement.

And then you lowered yourself to the lingual labour. At that instant I fully surrendered to pleasure. And, don’t know how — can’t tell — I was taken into a horse driven sleigh, dashing through the snows of a fairy pinewood. Somewhere in the Alps. The horses were running like crazy as my pinnacle got closer and closer. Then the Instant eventually came, my liberation ensued, accompanied by sharp screams, by an access of vigorous laughing at every touch of your tongue, or lips, on my crotch, or legs. With every laughter, I sensed the discharge of some negative energy, out of me, out of my body and out of my soul.

And then I felt even more positive and even more active than I have been at the beginning of our love-making. Oh, I must admit that the oral intake of minerals and vitamins, selflessly provided by you, had a say in my new excitement.

This is my letter to you.
Love ya,


Wednesday morning, from my notebook to yours

And now back to you, dear reader. Let me tell you that the kind of climaxes Don gave me yesterday morning, before breakfast, was THAT kind that happens to me only once a month or so. Ah yes, the morning before, on Tuesday, I took my couple hours long bath retreat (this because it’s almost impossible for me to take so much time for myself in the evenings). And, to fight my winter hair-falling stress, I treated my hair with extra virgin olive oil right after the hot relaxing bath.

A glance was enough and hubby asked me to pose for him. Thus I chilled up a bit in front of the piano for some naughty pics. Sharing but a sample with you, for time being 😉

Doris plays the piano — upcoming on DorisDawn.com

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