Tidbits on Taboos and My Virgin Ass

…But how about that feeling standing up in me when he calls me his Domina, his Mistress, his divine gift. When he tells me that I’m the one making him a man. Well, and I thought that with all this psychology twisting talking I’ve turned him in a vulnerable woman. That makes two of us, man or woman matters less when we’re soul mates sharing one flesh.

Oh, and to share yet another vulnerability with you. Did you know that I have a virgin ass? Yes, at my age! Is this old fashion? I don’t care. Because I deeply dislike anal sex. Sure, my man asked me for access to this “back door” of mine, more than once. But we never EVER argued about it. I kept my ass virgin with a casual, sustained and refined mental jiujitsu whenever he began talking me into yet another anal fantasy of his. And, not surprisingly, he gathered a nice collection of sound moral and medical reasons to sustain MY point of view. Which is now also his — unless his mind fails to reason and I’ve got to intervene and suck up all those testosterone particles out of his testicles, which I’m holding responsible for many things (some of which happened, some of which didn’t happen).

This said, I have a couple of propositions for you:

1. I’d love to hear from you, the way I hear from my man, about your taboos. This early August, he handled me a new license so I can play in your dreams, as your web Mistress.

2. He often takes close shots of my virgin ass. And it was yesterday only that I allowed him to publish such a detailed high-resolution picture amongst the Goodies at DorisDawn.com — this means that I won’t be shy if you sign in to have a closer look!

Taboos are there for a reason: to be dispelled, always, or consumed, sometimes but not always.

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