Become a Sexual Reactionary Lady

Revolutions are bad. They appear so nice and so promising and so OMG to all those hopeful ignorants out there. Sure, ignorance is bliss. This is true unless ignorance is used to fuel whatever revolutionary concept, when the bliss turns into a short-term curse. Why short-term? Because with each revolution experimented on humans, those who lived to see the outcome had to deal with immediate, unexpected and dreadful side effects. Nothing like what they dreamed of when pursuing the incipient revolution. Red Russians hoped for libertarian freedoms from the Tsarist oppression — their revolution landed the survivors under a murderous institutionalized inferno. Burning too much coal in too many furnaces, to spread the industrial revolution, altered the pH in the water cycle of nature, inducing acid rains and environmental pollution that poisoned masses of citizens (good that this planet is big enough, and we’re small enough, not to cause a global climate change with our barbarian technology). Suffragettes and generic feminists militated to emancipate the “woman” from her natural condition, that is from being dependent of the “man.”

Generic “woman” and generic “man” — these are treacherous concepts leading to unrealistic expectations for the revolutionary aspirant. Because there’s no generic “happiness” and nothing like generic “blessings” or “achievements.” Everything is personal when you wish to pursue your happiness. Are you seduced by the mass rhetoric? Very well then, go there, blend into a digit, an index, and try to get happy. It’s your life, you are free to do what you deem right with it.

Respecting your choices, I’d expect reciprocity — and believe me: so far there’s an abundance of consumption goods, people will naturally tend to respect their peers embracing different, even opposite, views. So far there’s no “crisis” to scare comfort out of people. However, scarcity would make this appearance of peace vanish rapidly. Crises and revolutions induce scarcity, which chases peace away of people’s hearts. See why I am a reactionary? Because being anti-revolution equates with being pro-peace, and I’m a peaceful person.

Though not fond of revolutions, I still find resolutions useful.

12 Sexual Resolutions for 2013

1. Act Responsibly!

Sex out-of-wedlock may turn from casual to hazard. But let me clarify the “modern” meaning of “wedlock” first. Numerous couples choose to circumvent the institution of marriage even if they manage to stay together for a lifetime. It is called concubinage and it’s well-documented and accepted throughout the Old Testament. The difference during those times was that one man gathered for himself a few wives and several concubines. A concubine holding the social status of a lesser wife but definitely higher than that of a sex slave.

Secular societies have institutionalized the churchless marriage and we refer as husband and wife to couples that did not tie the knot in a church, we consider them to be legally married.

The crass absence of a responsibility-driven public education, coupled with arcane divorce legislation, led to an escalation of divorcing couples. With a rich culture of “the ex” behind us, why insist on forcing young couples into the wedlock before addressing the training preliminary phase? Would you send an untrained soldier into real combat? Marriage is a battlefield and secular feminist legislation, together with industrial living constraints, may turn it into a prolonged cold war.

Under such bitter conditions, wishful thinking is dangerous. The assumption that our kids live in classical times is false. They don’t! They watch and listen Lady Gaga, they’re fans of Rammstein (which by the way, belongs to OUR generation). I expect them to embrace my vintage values and so I teach them to think with their own minds. But how can you think when no one introduced you to the instruments of logic and reasoning? How can you reason when you’ve got no premise? It is the foundation of an everlasting couple lifestyle that counts first, not the imposing of “marriage” only to soar the statistics on the divorce charts.

Therefore we should act responsibly!

2. Be Insightful!

A connoisseur will value the wine by studying a bouquet of intrinsic qualities and not just by reading the label on the bottle — which may be deceitful. A responsible gal will value the boy courting her by so much more aspects than his apparent looks, clothes, iPad, money or car. A mature woman who’s dating will sense those subtleties even better than the young virgin. Don’t rush for the specious but patiently seek to savor the inner soul of the one you’re dating. Try to learn him, unravel his dark corners, give him solace and always pleasure.

If you think that he is the one, that this is love at first sight, then carefully test its boundaries, pass it through the grind before buying into a wrecked marriage.

3. Look Submissive When Showing Your Strength!

Never be weak, especially in your marriage. But when you find yourself on solid rock, in a strong position, then give credit to your spouse or partner, thank him for supporting you, share the glory.

4. Underestimate!

Overestimating happens to end in deception. Best is to underestimate for a starter, then let him surprise you.

5. Quit Sugar and Transfats!

Manifest zero tolerance for processed sugars, corn syrup, fructose, whatever white powder heavily advertised, and for margarine. These are poisons for your body.

6. Avoid Industrial Foods!

Not just junk food, which is junk by the name, but “stuff” exiting a factory and sold to you in plastic bags for consumption. Sure, if you live in a big city this would be a major challenge, not many inexpensive ways to avoid the fate of a consumer. But if you live in the countryside, or if planning to move there, then don’t waste your money on colorful garbage. You have the means to cultivate and raise your own healthy food.

7. Avoid Doctors!

Unless they are friends or family, with rare exceptions, docs fall in the social category of resellers, commercial agents, marketeers. It’s the true and sorrow reality of big pharma. In countries with “free” social security (there’s no free lunch, you shall pay for it at some point) the reseller apparently prescribes you zero-cost medicine. The price you pay for it will be a gradually debilitating physical and mental health. Allopathic medicine addresses the symptoms and usually fails the holistic approach necessary to unveil an imbalance that caused your disease.

In case of emergency, seek the doctor, any doctor! Because you may be out of options, and of time.

8. Walk Nude!

Garments were initially made by God to cover the genitals of Adam and Eve, after she was taught into deceiving sexual practices. The act of wearing garments is carrying with us, on us, a token of shame, a reminder of the original sin.

Dare to experiment a naked walk together with your loved one. Sunbathe and have breakfast, do house chores or whatever activity won’t harm your skin. Swim naked if you live on a tropical island…

Nudity helps you connect with yourself, and with your soul mate.

9. Make Love!

Making love is much more than just intercourse. Watch the clock when your man enters you and watch it again when he exists. Sum up the minutes and compare to 24 x 60 = 1,440 minutes of a day. This may be of help for understanding how little time you spend during physical intercourse and how much is left outside to keep making love in other ways.

Couple of years ago, hubby wanted to stay inside me for no less than sixty minutes. He succeeded and called it a record. I endured and called it an eccentricity. Because it’s meaningless to break “records” and to live by the male mindset of “harder, faster, stronger makes it better.” I prefer the feminine “less is more.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for less sex, not at all! I want to make a point that classical copulation, penis in vagina, is not the ONLY way to make love.

If you practice the previous resolution — walking, exercising and staying nude! — then discover new wonderful opportunities.
Here some alternative and awesome ways of making love: do calisthenics exercises together in the nude and study each other; let him carry you in his arms so you can feel his strength and his manhood rise around your body; give him head in any position and location (don’t break the laws of the land in the process!); have him go down on you until you have multiple waving orgasms (the most of pleasure I get comes from his tongue); take some photos of you two; have him help you with gardening or some other chore (an activity that won’t endanger his integrity, mind you); hold hands and watch each other in the eyes; tickle, pinch and laugh at each other; watch some classy romantic erotica together; have him masturbate in front of you; do the same in front of him, etc. I surely forgot more alternative love-making ideas than I listed. The point is that making love is being together and touching. Simple.

10. Don’t Lie!

Self explanatory.

11. Be Wary of the System!

Don’t trust the man from the government. They all have a hidden agenda.

12. Get Married!

If you aren’t already, that is.

Today, on our way back from church, hubby told me “You, darling, are not only natural, but you are much more than that. You are divine!”

If there’s a man talking to you like this then grab him and keep him. His worth exceeds any revolutionary concept stuffed in your ears by talking heads, resellers of big pharma, frustrated women living with 72 cats.

Grab your man and give him what he craves for: the best motivation to serve his goddess – YOU! His wife.


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