A Happy NUDE Year to All of Us!

Sylvester came and went with his share of party time and specially prepared foods for the family. Let me give you the details. He, Sylvester I mean, also brought us the New Year, which is about to stay for quite a while.

How to Get Fat on Holidays

I’m not a vegan because I eat meat, once in a while, like on Sundays, but not necessarily. Then I eat eggs a bit more often, especially boiled eggs because I’ve heard that these are the most fulfilling food. On Easter I eat lamb and on Sylvester and the New Year I eat beef. The rest of the year, on Sundays more likely, I eat poultry, mainly turkey. Then, when eating meat, I don’t eat too much, just a morsel never larger than my own palm. But the Christmas Season always puts me on a steep get fat diet. I cook more than usual, way more, and I also have to eat more — which I immediately regret. Then I sleep more and take more time for myself — which I’ll never regret. Then I try some skirt or trousers that went just fine on my buttocks but now I have to struggle with them. When I rush to check the scale, I notice two extra kilograms: last time I checked I had 57kgs (125lbs) and now I’m 59kgs (130lbs). Awful, just awful — can you believe that? 😉

For Christmas we had: few large home-made turkey burgers that I baked in the halogen oven (dunno if I told you about this new gadget, hubby’s present after I was left with only one working “eye” on the ceramic stove); forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves, turkey again; stuffed eggs; French beef (boeuf) salad — only by the name because it was turkey inside, not “boeuf” 😉 ; chicken soup; a big round chocolate cake and several smaller ones; pretzels and other little snacks.

For the Sylvester evening party, I didn’t go to imagine new things, other than replacing poultry with beef in the otherwise same Christmas recipes, which finally did justice to the French boeuf salad…

How to Fight a Panic Attack

I spent the first day of the year doing nothing. Well, actually sitting in front of the TV, watching on demand comedies, dramas and action movies together with hubby (he got bored at my romantic comedies and opted to play some computer games near me). But yesterday I had to challenge a few chores, although not cooking because we had provisions, mind you. Had to prepare the little ones for school. Forcing a boy to find love in reading books is not always romantic, far from it. Shortly before 8pm, I descend to see the new “Bachelor” season opening on RTL. That was meant to be a relaxing evening. But I got mail from a friend about ulcers. On I went, typing the dread-word in Google, reading and documenting myself. FEARING! There it was again, that insidious panic raising her head, staring at me. When realizing what’s going on, I suddenly closed the laptop and joined hubby in bed. Minutes later I started to tremble, surrounded by fear. To this, hubby turned his back to the TV and his hard pointy front at me, penetrating my middle point. He brought me several silent orgasms (didn’t want to be heard upstairs) before I was cured of the anxiety spike.

It’s good to sleep with the therapist, I can tell you that!

Wish you all a Happy NUDE Year!


January 2008, me and my Christmas tree.


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