EXTRA: Doris’ Special Retro Treat

Don wanted this gallery published simultaneously on both our sites: DorisDawn.com/Goodies – mine – and Private.NudeInGarden.com – his. Which I obliged. Oh, just curious: do you like my hairstyle?

Members cum inside for/on the 153 High Res images.

Members cum inside for/on the 153 High Res images.

It was exactly three years ago. This day brought us then the first “home alone” morning of the new year. We also were almost a year ahead of toying with the mydangspace experiment. To sum it up, we took these many pictures strictly out of our mom-n-pop sexy hobby. We had no intention of making them public at that time. I didn’t think of posing for the public, just for Don. What he thought, I don’t know. Because men think differently than women.

It turns out that they made it to the public web, the pics I mean. It also turns out that I left behind few of my ghosts when I took the courage to expose myself. But hey, why am I repeating this matter over and over? Maybe I wish to convince myself that what I’m doing isn’t really bad, although a bit naughty. It may as well signal a new proposition made to me today: I occasionally wrote about the pleasant feeling that hubby offers when treating me like his Domina. “Well” — he said to me — “how about posing as my Domina?”

“Hell,” I said to him, “you know very well that I hate effeminate men! I don’t wish to humble you. I don’t wish being mean to you.” To this he replied that, effeminate or not, he’s manly enough to bring this proposal back on the table with the next occasion, and that he wants to create the Good Domina image with me. “Why can’t there be a funny and lovely Domina?”

We shall see what this year will bring to us, and to you. Until then, please enjoy the three-year old photo set. Don’t fret and write me your thoughts about this planned Domina posing topic.

Kisses and a Happy Nude Year wishing you!



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