Did it Happen to You? YES! This Monday

All gals romantically dream to be taken by their Prince Charming riding on a white horse. Depends if the frog that you kissed will metamorphose into a handsome heir of a far away kingdom, or if the Shrek that you kissed will stubbornly preserve his manners, looks and instincts. What ultimately counts is the end line: “The prince and the princess lived happily ever after.”

Did I dream to play in porn movies? To give a blow job in front of a camera and then, hours later, to watch the scene on a website? Did I ever consider this to be a romantic achievement, a lovely act of give-and-take, a moment of much pleasure and excitement?

Not in my dreams and not in my young years. Although they circulated unfounded rumors about me doing porn in college — these only made me consider the scandalous matter in social silence, discuss it with my hubby, but never liked it actually.

Still, it happened to me, this Monday!

Sign in for the movies.

Sign in for the movies at CougarBunnies.com

I saw him bit saddened by my harping resistance. But resigned. Which had me resign myself at the thought of “what if?” But, shortly before shooting these films, something else took place in my heart and head, after he delivered me to the orgasmic lands: it happened that I really wanted to be filmed playing with myself and blowing him and swallowing his sperm.

I didn’t know that this will happen to me, but it did.

Take your time to watch the films (members) and please post your impressions. I’m eager to hear them, and to reply to your comments.


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