Promiscuity and Prejudice in a Christian Marriage

If you have read some of my previous posts on HSiM, then you may recall that I’m a Christian mother of four, the Dream-MILF of my hubby, the erotic model Doris Dawn for my fans, and even daring to publish (for their — and hubby’s — joy) a few home porn movie-essays as of late.

With twenty-five years of marriage “under my belt” (I was a true virgin when I married, my husband being my first boyfriend) and raising four kids (two of them into adulthood), with little help (other than my hubby’s), I may have seen few of the many facets of fear that are troubling the soul of a Christian housewife on a daily basis.

On the other hand, with the chance (of a career) allowing me to learn the system from the inside, to see the putrid pretentious backstage of the social theater at work, coupled with the blessing of a very deep friendship with my husband, I decided that escapism and naturism, giving up many social standards, may suit us as a matter of well-being, of mental balance and, for whom it may concern, of protest. The emperors have no clothes, so why should we?


Fighting Your Fears

Every human soul longs for a higher state of grace, for a lost paradise, for ascending into a pristine and eternal condition. Which craving gives us the experimental proof that we are fallen, lost (either we lost something or were discarded from something that lost us), and largely imperfect. In other words, we carry a share of sin in our baggage. This empiric observation sounds the bells of angst in every human soul, at one point or another. As we age, getting closer to the moment of death, more questions are set to arise in our minds, to nag our spirit, to harass our consciousness. Lame fashionable theories of the mainstream don’t bear satisfactory answers. But religious beliefs do! However, humans are ALL imperfect, not just the sheeple but the leaders as well. This makes religion a branch of politics. Oh, but we’re given to trust words with twisted meanings. No wonder that we live under a Babel of confused languages and ideas.

The term “religion” is absent from the Bible. However, we use it so often when referring to the Scriptures. Thus confusing denominational politics with our Faith — which, by definition, should describe a very personal relationship between our soul and Jesus Christ. My quality of a bad (or good) Christian girl is defined by the matter of fact that I KNOW that Jesus is the Son of The Ever-Living and Almighty God Himself. This strictly personal KNOWLEDGE of mine is necessary and sufficient to give a direction and a sense to my life.

I also know that the middle men, from Washington to Wall Street to Vatican, carry in their pockets a secret card of brokers. That they need to frighten me with something (and trust me: there’s aplenty of “fear” out there to reach us all) and that they use the Bible or the Fiscal Cliff, or disparate crazed teens gunning down their teachers, or the valve at the Siberian gas pipe in winter, etc. to scare people into submission. Sometimes there’s just an inch to separate religion from politics, politics from the village that it takes to blackmail your soul out of God’s reach. After all, blackmail is what brokers do, with a human face.

You wanna stay out of this? Then be fearless so you may taste freedom. And please notice that freedom is not a Made in the USA brand, not at all. I’ve read about it in the Bible, when Jesus mentioned that the “Truth will set you free.” Guess Who is the Truth? So why buy all this “fear” off the markets? Leave it there, on their shelves, because you don’t need it.


The Early Christian Feminism

Less than two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire came to a slow and painful decline because of core issues with striking similarities in the Western World of our days. It wasn’t the lack of “religion” then, because the Romans were observant of their pagan rites and hedonistic habits. Any human is religious in a way, for good or for worse. The intrinsic destructor of any society eventually boils down to its corrupt leaders fooling the mobs.

Let me tell you that the Roman Emperors are legendary even nowadays for burning their own cities just to write some poetry about the ensuing tragedy (like forcefully disarming more and more good citizens in order to have emotional public mourning on the news). It is rulership by fear, and murder.

It’s not a leftist feminist view to consider that women always played a key role in shaping history, for good and for worse, again. Eve had her contact with Lucifer, which actually made history happen. Tamar had her edging incestuous initiative, which kept the line of Judah going. Esther used her seductive skills to assassinate the enemy of her people, which kept the sense of history alive. Mary accepted the Offer for her body to become the Ark, which brought us the Promise at the pinnacle of history. After Mary, we’re just going down in circles, but women like Helen had the wits to teach their skilled military sons, like Constantine, which marked the first global-reaching feminist achievement.

Surprised? Consider the following: before the Byzantine Empire (founded by Helen’s son) sets up the political frame for Christian liberation, there was an officially sanctioned wild porn trade of women as sex slaves; on a general note, slavery was discontinued by the Christian system, or at least diminished from the ubiquitous institution that it used to be during pre-Christian times (compare the Western Christian-based cultures of today with Oriental contemporary systems); the early Christian churches consolidated along with the expansion of the cult for Mary, Theotokos, the Mother of God, which cult gives feminism an unequaled political lever.

The side effects of this historical feminist surge (started by the Edict of Milan, AD 313, which proclaimed tolerance of all “religions” throughout the empire) impacted the polygynous family construct. It’s hard to imagine that monogamy has been invented by the majority of married men. Seventeen centuries later, all wives take monogamy as Biblical teaching — well, it isn’t (see this) — and act in stupefied fear whenever the man they arrested in wedlock dares to stare at other women.


The Forbidden Fruit

Prohibition and the war on drugs, with the “practical” effects they brought upon society, are indicators that the fallen human nature is not collectively redeemable by top-down law enforcement agencies. This approach can only aggravate the social ills that it claims to cure.

On the same note, as a housewife, I have understood that denying the manly lusts in my husband will be detrimental to my marriage. Well, professing as a divorce lawyer for a decade-long interval offered me a plethora of hands-down examples about how NOT to treat the despicable “pig” in my man.

Do men like porn? No! They LOVE it! Let’s admit this simple fact, ladies. Whether we are pleased about it or not. What really matters for a loving wife is that her husband should not TOUCH another woman, in the classical sexual sense of the word “touch.”

There is a profound art to study, to learn and to perform on your man if you really want to keep him happy in your marriage. Men are not monogynous beings by nature. Making your husband want only your body is not like sitting there and allowing his nature to help him, because his nature fights back, working against your plans, and against his vows (remember the human fallen nature?, well, men are human, aren’t they?).

This is my take on a healthy, lovely and life-long marriage: be his personal playful mistress and fill his head with so much imagery of yourself that other gals would hardly find a place; be sure to engage in “men’s talk” on women with him until the point when he will realize that other men cannot equal your “manly” approach on women, essentially because you — being a woman — should know better than other men about women; when he asks you for one pound of affection, give him twice of what he wants, wait and notice the obedience in his eyes gazing at his goddess. But I’m afraid that I wrote about this in a prior post.

Fearing (yes…) another apotheotic closure of the discourse, I propose you a list of disparate quotes, from contradictory walks of life, that I find insightful.

Quotes. One of the best ever. 

We have perfected the gospel enterprise. We have learned how to make everything “Christian” and then market it. Someone once said, “What began as a movement in Jerusalem became a philosophy in Greece, a monument in Rome, a culture in Europe, and an enterprise in America.”



“Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter,
and those who matter don’t mind.”

― Dr. Seuss


The example below makes us wonder where is the porn: in the picture or in the viewer’s eye? 

I don’t get it
how can a pregnant woman be doing porn, I feel sorry for the child she is carrying, sick!!
# 2012-12-08 22:34:26


Insights from an American Christian blogger to a European one.


 As (about keeping yourself) for marriage, we agree. It is good to hear that you imparted this view of sex in marriage to your daughters. In the USA, we have a serious problem with sex prior to marriage in part because our education system prolongs our children’s adolescence. In many countries, young people enter college at 16 and graduate at about 20 and can then marry as they start their working careers. (Marriage is earlier for those who do not go to college in those countries.) We have needlessly delayed this here (US) so that young people do not get into the adult world until well into their 20s. As well, we allow hormones in the meats and milk that our children consume, and that causes them to get to physical sexual maturation (puberty) years earlier than in previous generations. Not a good combination! (In the USA, we also needlessly circumcise our baby boys! Fortunately, many parents are waking up and refusing to let the doctors do this to their newborn sons. Also, with Obama Care, national health care, this procedure will be classified as unnecessary surgery in the coming years and will not be paid for by health insurance. The practice will die out. Only in America – such madness.)

Essays addressing the prolonged adolescence in the USA, and on needless infant circumcision are on my blog as well.

Best wishes, Doris, to you and yours!



Yesterday in our snowed garden.

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