Did She Tell Me to Make the Film?

Monday morning, Doris wanted us to make love upstairs because she got bored with our marriage bed downstairs. The blue bed upstairs (watch it in the movies — members) used to be our marriage bed years ago — it’s where we crafted some of our offspring! So Doris wanted us to travel bit back in time — not to mention that Sunday she eventually finished writing her second erotic novella, where yours truly had some contributions without essentially altering her sensual spirit, I hope!

Doris and her erotic films.

Doris and her erotic films.

Because our last photo session took place on December the 18th, I said to her, half a voice, if she won’t mind me bringing up the camera (she didn’t)… and the tripod (no reaction), so I brought them with me upstairs. Fucked her nicely with my half-awakened cock — sometimes it gets hard but can’t keep it up continuously (I’m old, yes). Then licked her — my conscience tells me that half a cock won’t make a female orgasm — so round and gently that she dripped quite some juices. While she jiggled and laughed in her tremblings, I said that I’ll take a few photos: no resistance! As I photographed her, I realized how much the camera leaves out because it’s set on still images. So I told her that I’ll switch to film with sound. She laughed. Took this as an approval. Ensued two short clips with Doris masturbating — a repeated fan request (am I right, Ray?). Sure, this is not actual by-the-book masturbation. Now really, let’s reason about it: she just had a vast orgasm, still hot pink red about it; she WAS ALREADY “masturbated” by me. I admit, the term is flawed, like many others may be. What counts is the experience.

Do you think I’m done yet? So did I yesterday. Was considering a corner for me to jack off after closing my camera. BUT NO! Doris calls me to take my position in less than 10 seconds (this the camera standby delay) under her pussy for a couple more pics with her stretching on her knees as I lick her — I showed her other gals doing this pose on tumblr and she liked the artistry of it. Don’t know how much art I’ve put in these pics, but I’m trying.

Good, you’ll say. Now you had your day, be happy. So did I. But then Doris said to me that I never came that morning. Which was so true. Ensued a four minute-long movie with me coming in her mouth. Did she know the camera was filming? Yes! Did she tell me to make the film? Yes! Did she know it was meant for you? Yes! She calls this a “rehearsal” and won’t mind me publishing our rehearsals — because it’s a way for us to learn in real-time.

What is most intriguing is the meaning of the word “rehearsal.”

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