Why Do I Get Fat in Winter? And How?

Before having my first child I was thin and I liked it. Then came two successive pregnancies, at three years apart, and I became FAT. Not obese, just plump, for a fair amount of years.

Hubby loved me all the time. If my memory serves well, it was late in ’95 that he filmed our first fucking home porn movie — about one year and a half after my second pregnancy. What a shame that he erased the tapes (on the spot) after those “youth” movies of mine. Probably that I have wished to study my body of then with my eyes of now, to see how fat I actually was, to watch how clumsy we were. But that’s water under the bridge.

The third pregnancy, with the twins, was the one BIG event of my life that took me out of my normality — in so many ways, not just the chubbiness of my shapes, or the perfect sphere I was aiming at, to be more specific. Took hubby no less than six years to have me pose again for him. In spite of all my shyness and prudish luggage, I’m so grateful to this hobby of his. Do you know why? Because looking at pictures of me naked is like seeing the true and real me, fat or slim, merry or miserable, confident or cautious.

Winter keeps me indoor. Can’t spend all day long in my green garden. The cold season cuts the daylight and drastically reduces the amount of natural, sunshine induced, vitamin D3. On we go with the dietary supplements talk. Vitamin D is a sensitive but major factor in keeping our bodies healthy and our minds happy.

Fish oil, in toxins-purified capsules, with lots of D3, is the supplement that I take in double quantities during winter. A side effect is that it gives a rounder shape to my buttocks, as you may notice from these pics of Monday.


I feel fatter these days and I find no reason for depression in this. For my state of cheerfulness I could blame the lack of sugars, bakeries, gluten-rich and highly refined wheat flours, pork and red meats, saturated fats and whatever junk food. Good riddance to all of them!

The good news is that you can get fat and keep your forms and shapes appetizing at the same time. For more references, see the following: The Christmas Get Fat Diet; Panties no Panties; Meat, Sex and Supplements; High Cholesterol Is Good Not Bad.

Sometimes, the fat-feeling keeps me until the month of May.

When I was just posing for my man, this “careless” attitude gave me some leeway, because he loves me as I am, anyway. Still, after opening my little adult web business, I gotta be more careful with my silhouette, because men out there — the web watchers πŸ™‚ — are mentally preconditioned to “like” slim women. Sure, this is a fashionable factor, induced by the mainstream. Just consider what Botticelli or Rubens liked most; they painted what pleased them. Perhaps the mainstream was bit different those centuries — less corporate products to sell, fewer marketing goals to reach, etc.

Okay, okay, don’t freak out. I have no plans of traveling back in time, of staying in the Renaissance- or Baroque-type of corpulent nudity (although I may have some nostalgic thoughts about that). Spring, sunshine and the associated warmer green days will have me roam my garden and the fields, the banks of the river, the OUTDOORS!


I cannot wait — not that I necessarily wish to lose my rounder hips, just that I get slim by summer and bit chubby by winter, as a rule of thumb.

Until then, one more rave. Don wanted to open a new topic approaching sex and supplements from an anti-aging healthy perspective. This because an active person has plenty of sex (healthy as well) and the healthful state requires supplementing (ever since the agribusiness tainted the joy of eating and deprived the foods of their natural consistency).

But the adult industry is quite reluctant of supplements advertising. This is the other side of the porn ban running rampant on ads outside of the adult-only perimeter. It seems that get-rich-fast plans and supplements are not well suited on adult sites. It was a surprise to me when discovering this new boundary. It also makes sense to a large extent because seductive porn (exploiting the imagination of the watcher) may have the ability to further exploit the average gullibility into fraud schemes or dubious China-made tiger-penis-powders and whatnot… Yes, people tend to be disloyal to other people, not realizing that this makes them disloyal to themselves. Credulity coupled with con artistry scream for more and more regulations, and for more and more profits for the regulators!


I’m not selling you anything on this site of mine, HSiM. But on the other two sites of mine I do: images and movies of my naked body being comforted by the sunlight, bulb lights or hubby’s tongue, or penis, or hands… but hang on… Dear mind, keep the course with the line of this article. Ugh oh, answers my mind, can’t you see that you already veered away with your many ramblings?

I give up, so be it. Before the honest erotic sites will find a well-regulated way to couple good sex with good living, before the watchers will gaze deeper and the buyers will think twice… before clicking the buttons, before all these will happen — in my dreams maybe — I wish to tell you how well I am feeling in my skin, fat or slim, doesn’t really matter.


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