A Braided Head Job

All the photos and the oral movie inside the members area!

All the photos and the oral movie at CougarBunnies.com & MakeLoveNotPorn.tv

Once upon a time there was a Saturday party requiring a dress code. This puzzled me because I couldn’t attend in my blue jeans, and in January it is bit too cold for the Bermudas. Unlike my un-excitement for classical suits, Doris was so enthusiastic about the evening that she took an hour or so from the morning to her hairdresser. She came home at noon with a professional hair loop construct and a couple of braids, asking me how it all looks.

“Gorgeous!” I said. Doris is awesome in all her ways. I love her totally. This includes her braided hair — especially when she goes for this work so rarely. Before we left for the party, she whispers to my ear that she wants me to take some shots of her new hairdo when we’ll get back home, later in the night. Which didn’t happen: too late, too tired, too cold for shooting naked photos. So we hit the pillows and slept like babies.

Monday morning, seizing the “home alone” moments, Doris reiterated the braided work photos and movie idea from Saturday night. The graphical material goes inside the members area on CougarBunnies.. One note before letting you having a closer look. I had to hold that camera and film her braided work around while she gave me head. I also wanted to catch her face expression, because she’s always driving me crazy when I look into her eyes, through the camera or not. Well, the only downside of this eye to eye romance is that I can’t properly focus on keeping my dick head strong and awake — let not mention the mind tunnelling induced by the camera recording moves. All these distractions finally have beaten my hectic hardon, so I had to shut off the camera and take Doris to bed for cuddling and a proper love-making session, but all of these coming to you with our next romantic porn movie.

Wish you enjoy the braided job movie and pics of that sunny Monday morning.

4 thoughts on “A Braided Head Job

  1. Ha,ha,you’ve got me there.Doris.It looks like you’ve not forgotten your German.Honestly,I know very little German,because I come from the French part of my country,Thousand kisses to you,Doris

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