The Way I Wish to Give

Don has made a comic, already published here on DD, and blogged a bit in our Private Garden about my braided blow job. But me, what did I write about that Monday? So far, only this: Why Do I Get Fat in Winter? And How?

You can read my theories about good living and great loving, about eating and supplementing, about my body image and my longing for spring. Well, I wrote about so many things and avoided writing about the central event of that day, which is: Don filmed me while I gave him head, I actually wanted he to film me with his lovely dick in my mouth and I KNEW that this movie is to be made public, for YOU to see what I was doing. OMG, again I can’t believe myself, I’m still mesmerized.

See the comics, the snaps and the movie in the members area.

See the comics, the snaps and the movie in the members area.

The feedback I’ve so far received from Bob and Ray is very positive and encouraging. Like Don, they tell me that I’m doing the right thing — which resonates positively with my inner feeling about loving and giving to my hubby, about openly sharing my love for him in words, poses and movies. I wish to hear from more of you, what do you think about my new dares? Can I dare more in movies? Will that make your member experience even more pleasurable? Will this contribute — a way or another — at improving your love relationship? Will you have your mate watch together our already pornographic films? Tell me, I’m thrilled to read your comments.

Love and Kisses,

Curious Doris

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